This Midwest-based Company produces premium quality custom mold bases as well as full-service tool builds, compression tooling, hybrid tooling, special custom tools and special machining including gun drilling and waterjet cutting. The Company’s reputation for quality has grown through an emphasis on strong engineering capabilities that allow it to work closely with customers’ engineers. State-of-the-art equipment and facilities produce high-end products with quick turnaround and delivery. Capabilities in multiple materials and experience in producing large bases gives the Company the ability to serve varied industries. This Company has the abilities, reputation and customer base to support growth under new ownership willing to invest in marketing, sales and staffing.


Investment in Sales Personnel and Marketing – The Company has grown its customer base with limited marketing resources and sales personnel. An investment in sales and marketing could leverage Company abilities and reputation for continued diversification and significant growth.

Capacity for Expanded Production – The Company operates multiple facilities in a campus environment and has upgraded significant equipment in recent years, providing capacity for production growth with additional staffing.


Diversified Customer Base – The Company has a growing customer base in industries ranging from automotive to aerospace, consumer products to medical manufacturing, and electronics to defense. Its markets are also geographically diverse, spread across North America.

Varied Product Lines – Custom mold bases comprise the biggest share of Company business, but close behind are special machining and custom tool builds. Service work, cutting, drilling and grinding services also contribute significant sales.

Quality Production – The Company has decades of experience that is now focused on higher value-added products. It holds ISO 9001-2015 and AS9100D certifications.

3-Year Average Revenue: $5,600,000
3-Year Average EBITDA: $900,000