The medical case management service industry has achieved steady growth as a result of expanded usage for primary medical care and workers’ compensation claims oversight. The trend of the medical industry to manage healthcare costs and provide quality care in the same forefront has expanded the need for case managers in the commercial space, the workers’ compensation space as well as in the motor vehicle claim space. This Company’s founders saw, early on, the need for a strategic approach to managing medical treatment provided as a result of injury, keeping in mind the guidelines, co-morbidities, outliers, etc. The Company is the leading independent case management provider in its state and has plans for rapid expansion into surrounding states, driven by the efficiencies of its proprietary methodology and their developing technology platform. The Company has grown rapidly by providing a streamlined collaborative process and effective and efficient service model that lends itself to positive outcomes for both injured workers/patients, payors (third party administrators, self-insureds, municipalities, etc.) and employers. The current owners are looking to sell their successful company to leverage the expected national growth of their proprietary SaaS technology platform.


Invest in Marketing – The Company has grown steadily through word of mouth and the quality of its services. Investment in marketing staff and media could leverage its reputation to gain significant growth. Company services are readily replicable in unlimited new markets.
Growing Economy – Decreasing unemployment has an inverse, positive impact on demands by employers for case management for both disability claims and employee health oversight.

Proprietary Technology – The Company’s unique Software as a Service Professional Empowerment mobile subscription platform for providing services will offer clients and patients faster and more effective case management oversight than competitors can offer.


Early Adopter in Growth Industry – With rising demand for medical care by an aging population and increasing pressure to control rising costs, medical case management is a rapid growth industry. This Company has the knowledge, experience and tools to provide the service at a higher level than competitors.

Strong Financial Position — The Company has grown steadily, without incurring debt, with a solid core of talented employees to serve a large client base and now controls more than half the market in its home state.

2018 Revenue: $970,000

2018 EBITDA: $350,000