This West Coast Company provides an array of industrial monitoring and control systems, related engineering services, and custom electrical assemblies to diverse local and global customers. The Company serves end-users and OEMs from fledgling tech start-ups to multibillion-dollar manufacturers and public utilities, helping each improve productivity, quality, and profitability. The Company’s well-trained and tenured staff, varied service offerings, and quality reputation built over decades in business have attracted an impressive list of loyal repeat clients and underpin a steady stream of new ones. The Company has remained technologically agile in the booming industrial automation industry, allowing it to invent immediately needed and wanted new products, serve its customers with current engineering best practices and technologies, and exploit opportunities that less savvy competitors miss.


Booming industry – Automation services in the U.S are expected to grow 7.2% annually over the next five

Cross-selling – Providing a wide variety of monitoring and control services generates consistent opportunities
to make multiple product and services offers to each customer.

Expansion potential – There is a significant opportunity to create a nationwide network of automation
offices, expanding the Company’s service territory and reach.


Wealth of experience – The Company has thousands of installed monitoring and control systems worldwide.

Multiple capabilities – Many competitors are specialists only in a particular market and so sometimes fail to see and exploit opportunities in other existing or new markets.

High quality – Clients find the Company’s products and services superior, overcoming potential price differences.

Client retention – Its number one customer has been with the Company for more than thirty years with many others having been on board for more than 20 years.

2020 Revenue: $ 8,500,000
2020 EBITDA: $ 700,000

Contact: NuVescor Group
(616) 379-4047