This fullservice ISO 9001certified plastics mold maker and manufacturer serves a longterm, loyal base of medical, automotive, aerospace, industrial and consumer goods customers. Its experienced staff takes clients from product concept to design, engineering, prototyping, molding, manufacturing and assembly. The Company has kept abreast of technological changes by constantly upgrading its equipment and software. Custom jobtracking software follows every aspect of the designandbuild process to promote successful delivery of highquality products on time. The Company has attracted and retained talented, welltrained employees, with an average tenure of about 20 years. With its trained workforce, modern equipment, proven processes, established reputation and loyal customers, the Company has the pieces in place for an aggressive buyer to increase sales and profitability.


Capacity available The Company’s recentgrowth has been limited due to the COVID19 pandemicand it has room for more production.

Reinvigorate sales Increased efforts targeting medical suppliers would likely bring more sales for new medical tooling, prototype mold building and manufacturing, which produce strong profit margins.


Loyal customers The Company enjoys solid, longterm relationships with customers in a wide variety of industries, including medical, automotive, aerospace, industrial and consumer goods.

Modern technology Constant upgrades of equipment and software have helped the Company stay on top of manufacturing innovations.

In-house capabilities The Company has numerous size injectionmolding presses for quick tryouts of plastic parts. Customers can try different resins onsite, and the Company can quickly make tooling and engineering changes as needed.

Workplace efficiency Exceptional, custom jobtracking software follows every aspect of the designandbuild process to promote successful delivery of highquality products on time.

Experienced, talented workers Employees have an average tenure of about 20 years; Sales team has combined industry experience of nearly 100 years.

Quality emphasis The Company is ISO 9001certified, a key factor to meet automotive customers’ strict quality demands

2021 Revenue: $2,580,000
2021 EBITDA: $550,000
2021 EBITDA w/out PPP: -$120,000

Contact: NuVescor Group
(616) 379-4047




This Company has been selling a diverse selection of mostly U.S.-made industrial products to individuals, manufacturers, municipalities and other businesses in its Michigan community for more than a half-century. Its unmatched product knowledge, quality service, extensive inventory and same-day delivery have made it the “go-to” local supplier for industrial tools and materials. Its customers in the prosperous, industry-rich
region it serves include food processors, machine shops, tool and die makers, machine builders, manufacturers, contractors, schools, farms and do-it-yourselfers. It has earned tremendous loyalty among its 300 active customers, nearly all of whom are within 20 miles of its location. Despite its success, the Company has unrealized growth potential which presents an outstanding opportunity for the right buyer with a sales background and industrial products knowledge


Increased sales, marketing – The Company could grow by hiring additional inside and outside sales personnel
to maintain contact with current customers and attract new ones.

Weak online presence – A website update is overdue. Customers currently cannot view the Company’s
products online, much less place an order.


Unique service – The Company is the only supplier of its type in the manufacturing-rich community where it’s based.

Product knowledge – After decades in business, Company personnel understand industrial supplies and customers’ needs.

Customer loyalty – Nine of its top 10 customers have been buying through the Company for at least 10 years.

Buy American – Most of the Company’s products are U.S.-made – a distinct advantage in its conservative community where many buyers prefer domestic goods.

Get it now – Local customers receive free delivery, with multiple trips scheduled each day.

2021 Revenue: $ 1,200,000
2021 EBITDA: $ 30,000
2021 SDE: $90,000


Contact: NuVescor Group
(616) 379-4047