This Company is a national leader in the manufacture of metrology tools used in production in any industry that makes products out of metal. As an expert source in metrology, this Company has a long history of being the best in quality, on-time performance & engineering for specialized applications. Key to the Company’s past success is a proprietary process that lengthens the wear life to 3x-5x their competitors’. The Company has upgraded production equipment and is ready for new ownership to lead a quality staff in continuing a strong tradition of excellence. Established 60+ years ago, the Company maintains a wealth of deeply ingrained experience in its specialized industry and is acclaimed by its international customer base as a quality-focused manufacturer. The Company routinely outshines competitors with the superior quality and durability of its products. The nature of the Company’s products creates repeat customers. The Company’s operations are aided by an experienced team capable of working independently. 
Recognized Excellence – The Company is widely known for its quality products and accurate lead times. It manufacturers its products to all publicly available standards, with an expertise in energy & proprietary applications. The Company is one of only two manufacturers in the United States licensed by an energy industry association to manufacture master products. Due to this their backlog remains consistently high.

Quality Facilities – The Company operates from a spacious manufacturing facility equipped with technologically advanced production machinery. The plant is located on a large site with room for expansion.


Extensive Market Possibilities – The Company’s expertise is used in a wide range of manufacturing applications, including (but not limited to) automotive, marine power, nuclear, rocketry, defense, construction equipment, machine tools, automation, advanced manufacturing, power tools, directional drilling equipment, pumps, consumer products, fasteners, aerospace, medical, energy and agricultural industries, offering multiple avenues for new market penetration.

Margin Improvement– The Company has experienced a significant increase in labor cost since 2020 along with increases in supply and utility costs. Overall, the costs have increased by over 10% of sales which has caused an over $400,000 reduction in EBITDA. Price increases to offset these increased costs were implemented midway through 2022 with projected increases in 2023 from 10-30%. Further compounding the issue was hiring new people due to the ramp up in sales after COVID which significantly lowered productivity due to the training time required for these skilled manufacturing positions. The price increases and the normalization of skilled labor will help the Company return to profitability.

  2018  2019  2020  2021  2022 
Revenue  $4,900,000  $2,800,000  $3,700,000  $3,600,000  $4,400,000 
EBITDA  $260,000  $450,000  $5,000  $10,000  -$70,000 



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