This Midwest-based company is a growing and highly profitable leader in the hydraulics industry. It has a long history of customer service and rapid servicing that is second to none. The Company has expert technicians with the ability to troubleshoot and design exactly what the customer is looking for, as well as follow that up with very quick service. The Company provides products within numerous industries and access to all parts needed to meet customer needs. The Company has the facilities to handle significant growth, as well as potential for significant growth with increased sales efforts. Its current customer list is well over 2500 on an annual basis, and that number continues to grow.


Outside Sales Team – The Company currently generates business primarily from repeat customers, referrals and its website. An outside, active sales force could quickly increase the revenue stream.

Additional Partnerships – The Company is a major distributor for numerous vendors, with the ability to add more to the mix. Offering a wider product line at the proper pricing and service timing would continue to increase the already wide customer base.


Quality Service Reputation – The Company’s rapid service and ability to provide service and products to both large and very small customers have created a well-known name in the industry. Follow-through with customers is also a key aspect of the service.

Diverse Customer Base – With no reliance on one industry, the diverse customer base in numerous industries provides a leveling out of revenue year over year. The Company has in excess of 6,500 accounts and customers on its books, adding over 1,000 in 2016.

2016 Revenue: $8,663,374

2016 Adjusted EBITDA: $914,000