Manufacturer of systems that use a combination of mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic, electrical, electronic devices, and computers to eliminate or reduce human intervention


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Image Seller Description Seller End Markets Seller Capabilities Buyer Sector Buyer End Markets Buyer Description Transaction Rationale
Midwest based industrial design and automation system integratorAutomotive, consumer goods, food and beverage, medical device assemblyDesign, build, commission and validation of control systems and equipmentIndustrial process improvementMultiple different market segments including, food, waste water, industrials, and agricultureEuropean based publicly traded strategic buyerAdd additional US based capability to their industrial process improvement division
Automated Machine ManufacturerAutomotive, office furniture, and various other applicationsDesign, engineering, and assembly of custom special machines with controls engineering capability as wellPrivate equityNone existing, this was their first purchasePrivate equityMake an investment in the growing space of automation
Midwest Automation Systems Water, consumer products, automotive, and otherControls engineeringVariousPrimarily automotive, many others as wellStrategic buyer & private equityAdd unique controls engineering capabilities to existing automation platform
Michigan based assembly and test equipment manufacturerAutomotiveDesign engineering and integration of assembly and test machines supporting driveline manufacturingNoneNone existing, this was their first purchaseIndividualPurchase a business and grow it with their family's involvement
Indiana based assembly and automation equipment manufacturerAutomotiveDesign engineering and assembly of machines supporting driveline manufacturingAluminum fabrication and laser cuttingVariousStrategic buyer & private equityProvide synergy and get more into the automation industry
Building AutomationInstitutional, educational, and industrial facilitiesInstallation and support of energy controls and monitoring systemsInstitutional, educational, and industrial facilitiesInstallation and support of energy controls and monitoring systemsStrategic buyerGrowth and overlap with similar geography and operations