A uniquely better process with unparalleled results. Most business acquisitions have a 25% success rate, but the Rua Transaction Process has an 80% success rate. We surround the traditional Mergers & Acquisitions process with extensive preparation and exceptional closing support. We keep communication open so both parties can be prepared throughout the process. Taking these steps keeps everyone informed, helps our clients feel good about the transaction, and provides a high rate of successful closings.


In this phase of the process, we’ll do market research, testing, and a financial review of your business. We’ll also thoroughly evaluate your business’s readiness to sell and then review a strategic plan to bring your business to market. This in-depth preparation process provides a firm foundation for the remaining phases of the Rua Transaction Process.


During this phase of the process, we will pair your business with the best possible potential buyers. We’ll prepare presentations and showings for your business, review proposals, and facilitate correspondence. This will help us develop a group of buyers that best fits your business, which creates healthy competition and a stronger value.


Once you’ve chosen which proposal to accept, we will schedule a closing, assist you with financing, and coach you through all legal documents involved. We proactively facilitate everything needed to ensure a timely and successful closing.


Success Rate

The Rua Business Transaction Process has an 80% success rate, much higher than the typical 25% success rate of other M&A transactions. If you are ready to buy or sell a business, we know we can help you successfully transition to the next stage of your life.