I decided to work with NuVescor to sell my company because I like processes and NuVescor has a good one. It enabled me to see a path to the future close. All the other brokers had only a Rolodex and good intentions. In addition to their process, I appreciated that they are good people with good values. They take a team approach. I was busy but never overburdened with tasks.

Their requests were very specific, which made my responses easier. I had high expectations, never having done this before, and they met them. I expected them to be professional and encouraging. They did that and more. They’re real people working with real people on real problems and solutions.

Seller | Will Southard, former owner of DST Controls, Inc. | Manufacturing


After many years of hard work building our business and reputation, it was important to us that the company purchasing our business provided the same excellent service that our customers were used to. It was also important to us that the purchasing company provided a secure future for our employees. We believe NuVescor found a perfect fit between us and the company we sold to.

We were very impressed by NuVescor’s experience and professionalism. They helped us streamline the due diligence process which seemed overwhelming at the start. They also walked us through the sale
step by step, letting us know what to expect with each phase. They constantly kept us updated on the sale, and even set up regular phone conferences between us and our purchasers. Travis was our contact person at NuVescor, and was always accessible & responded to any questions very quickly.

We are satisfied with the work that NuVescor did in facilitating the sale of our company. We highly recommend them to any company wishing to sell or purchase a business.

Sellers | Tom & Kathy | Manufacturing


When it came time to sell my company, our accounting firm recommended NuVescor, and I’m very glad they did. I’d say their biggest asset is their people. They’re honest, upfront and very experienced. We went through several unique scenarios – some Covid-related some business-related – and they helped work through each and every one. Each step was well-defined, and you always know what to expect next. NuVescor exceeded my expectations.

Seller | William Z. | Manufacturing


We were very pleased with the process of selling our company. The NuVescor Group’s knowledge has been exceptional and the results are outstanding. They exceeded our expectations with bringing several companies and individuals who were interested to the table. We are excited about the future and believe that the company that bought ours will take what we have built over the last 58 years and grow it to be even more successful. I would suggest to other business owners to call NuVescor anytime if you have questions or concerns about selling your business.

– Scott A. Sanderson, Sr., Superior Manufacturing co-owner


The NuVescor Group spent time understanding our passion for our business and our dedication to our employees to find the right fit for the future of the Company. NuVescor was very detailed in understanding our business and succession plans, not only for us as the owners, but for the future of the business and the employees. Integration with Koops achieves our goals of continuing service to employees, customers and the community which was a top priority. If we chose one word to describe the NuVescor team, it would be “tenacious.” We looked at many different companies and many different options. In the end, we all knew that the only way to meet our overall objective was through an ESOP, and the NuVescor Team found the right one. When we first met with the Koops leadership team, we were so impressed with their Christian ethics, their commitment to their team, their attention to quality products for their customer and their desire to contribute and make a difference in their local community, Sivey, the company’s president/CEO, said the sale to Koops “provides a stable future for our employees by partnering with a solid, forward-thinking, well-established organization.”

I would tell other business owners that NuVescor is a very dedicated and personal group, and they will keep the interests and objectives of the sellers first and foremost.

Sellers | Connie Kostrzewa & John Sivey | Manufacturing

We appreciated their upfront and honest approach. There’s no sugar-coating anything. It’s: This is what we do, this is what we have, this is where the facts are. They’ve got a well-planned-out agenda and a process, and it’s easy to follow. The amount of work can be overwhelming, but that’s what it takes to get the job done. They dig pretty deep. They want to make sure they have everything covered. They have the right people asking the right questions. At the end of the day, all the information they gathered or they asked for is what they needed to get the deal done. I would say they’re a great company to work with. They’re very trustworthy, very capable, very detail-oriented. They will ask you questions that you haven’t even thought of. They will do everything they can to get you the most out of your company, within reason. They will be upfront and honest with you as to what they feel your company is worth.

Seller | Craig G.  |  Manufacturing

The Nuvescor team was very collaborative and worked to find common ground on any issues. The process was well-defined, and there just weren’t any surprises along the way. We closed in 31 days after the letter of intent was signed. That doesn’t happen without an effective broker that guides through potential issues. I just can’t say enough good things about how well the process went. The result was a win/win for all.

Buyer | Tom W.  |  Manufacturing

Nuvescor was recommended by our accounting firm, and they exceeded our expectations. I appreciated their professional service, keeping everyone on track, dealing with the seller on our behalf, helping us understand the reasons for selling and if it is the right time, pulling everything together in a concise manner. The due diligence phase of our sale was way more demanding than I originally expected. Nuvescor not only kept us on track but assisted with putting items together. We couldn’t have done it without them! They played a key role in closing the deal. I have a friend who is going to exit her business in the next few years. I am going to recommend she use Nuvescor. I would tell anyone who is selling a business that the process is way more in-depth than what they may realize and to have someone on your side to guide you is the way to go.

Starting a business is easy. Selling one, not so much. We could not have done this on our own.

Seller | Tina G.  |  Information Technology


Our initial intent was to explore our future succession plans, but we were approached by a competitor expressing interest in our business at the very start of our conversation. The Rua Team led that process, helping us to explore various options and negotiations. The result was a partial sale – that of our product line and intangible assets- with us keeping the manufacturing part of the business. It was a unique end result that provides a new opportunity for the future of our business. Without the Rua Team’s guidance, it seems unlikely we could have arrived at a mutually beneficial outcome for both parties.

Seller | Mike M. | Manufacturing


I wanted to write a brief note, thanking the Rua Team for advising us in the sale of our machining business. Starting this business from scratch and consistently growing the business has represented many challenges. Over the past decade we had put many long hours into the company, but did not know what the business was worth. In May, we became aware of The Rua Transaction Process and the team’s expertise in selling businesses. Our interest was responded to with professionalism and clarity; with-in a short period of time we were able to establish a value for the company and understand how both buyers and banks would look at our business. We decided to move forward right away and begin the process of finding the right buyer.

Having Rua represent us gave a significant advantage over what we could have done ourselves. As a small shop, confidentiality was very important to us; they handled this well, screening through the “tire kickers” to buyers that could actually match our interests. Rua’s ability to effectively and clearly communicate our interests to potential buyers was very important in securing the right deal. Several issues came up during the closing process, but Rua quickly responded and was able to assist us; providing alternatives and creative solutions.

Overall we are very satisfied with the work the Rua Team did for us and would highly recommend them to others who are looking to sell their business. We plan to work for some time with the new buyer and continue to assist with the transition. This transaction was not always easy or “smooth sailing”, but we were able to solve the challenges and meet our goals! Very thankful for all our advisors and the Rua Team.

Sellers | Pat & Ken | Manufacturing


The Rua Team approached me a few years ago because they had a buyer interested in purchasing my business. The thought of selling intrigued me as I owned another business, which was taking up more of my time and limiting my ability to give both businesses the attention they needed. As I explored selling with the Rua Transaction Process, it became quickly apparent that the two businesses were too closely connected for me to be able to sell one and keep the other. The Rua Team recommended that I work on separating the businesses, so I spent the next few years completely separating the two businesses.

Once the businesses were separate, I began working with Rua to officially prepare one of my businesses for sale. We went through a thorough prep process up front to value the business, develop a market of prospects and ensure I was ready to sell. After getting this information, I decided I was ready to go to market. Once the business was on the market, I worked closely with Rua as they extensively qualified potential buyers. Their process was unique because it enabled me to pre-screen buyers before they got information, and they did an excellent job of screening out potential buyers that were not a fit.

The Rua Transaction Process was able to identify a mix of highly qualified individual financial buyers, strategic buyers and even a local family office. They were able to get me a handful of offers, so I was able to pick the buyer who I felt would be the best fit and ensure the business continued to be successful. The eventual buyer was extremely professional and thorough in the process and we were able to close the business in just 4 months from going on the market!

I am incredibly happy with the work provided by the Rua Team. Their prep process was well worth the investment and enabled me to ensure that selling my business made sense. Once on the market, the Rua team did an excellent job building a market and not only helped me get a great value for my business but also found me the best fit. I would highly recommend working with them if you are considering selling your business.

Seller | John C. | Manufacturing


It is amazing to look back at everything that has happened in the past few years and all the work it took to purchase a business! Buying a business is a roller coaster ride of ups and down. I am proud to say that the Rua Team was along for the ride with me. Even though they were representing the seller they still helped me out as the buyer making it a win-win situation. They were instrumental in developing a purchase structure that made sense for both the seller and me. They also gave me great support when I was working through the banking and due diligence. I thank them for all their hard work and highly recommend them to anyone looking to buy or sell a business.

Buyer | Krieg L. | Manufacturing


We want to start off by saying how satisfied we were working with the Rua Team. We felt we had made a string of good decisions over the past few years, and our decision to sign on with the Rua Transaction Process proved to be the crowning decision of our careers. Our main concern going into the process was what our after-tax proceeds would be. Before going to market, they presented us with an analysis of what they predicted our after-tax proceeds would be if we went to market. This provided the impetus for us to proceed with a ‘GO’ decision.

The entire Rua team was very professional, and their deal structuring was both innovative in its creativity and logical in its simplicity. The experience exceeded our expectations and was actually an enjoyable journey. And the business was left in good hands.

Overall, we were incredibly pleased with the Rua Team and would recommend them to anyone looking to sell or purchase a business.

Sellers | Mike and Amy P. | Manufacturing

Selling a business is uncomfortable by its nature, but the Nuvescor team’s experience and expertise gave us comfort that we were in good hands. They were less like outside advisors and more like an integrated part of our team. Because of COVID, the transaction did not go as quickly as we had hoped. But with their help, we were able to hang on to the buyer through the roller coaster of the pandemic and ultimately get our business sold for good value.

Seller |  Scott T.  |  Manufacturing


I highly recommend the Rua Transaction Process to anyone looking to buy or sell a business. Even though they were representing the seller, they still helped me as the buyer making it a win-win situation.

Buyer |  Krieg L.  |  Manufacturing


Once we put the business on the market, we had incredible momentum due to upfront preparation and planning. Throughout the Rua Transaction Process, we received great support and things kept moving forward. The team approach and preparation was key to bringing the transaction to a successful close.

Seller  |  Dean & Paula S  |  Manufacturing


I would hate the thought of trying to sell a business without the help of the Rua Transaction Process.

Seller  |  Norm V.  |  Manufacturing


If you’re trying to go cheap and sell it on your own, your likelihood of success is low. I would not hesitate to tell anybody else that’s looking to buy or sell to use The Rua Transaction Process. Why give your money to a company that is less than likely to get you to the finish line?

Seller  |  Cindy L.  |  Service


In the beginning, we decided to sell our business ourselves! And that was an exercise in futility… With the Rua Process’ 80% success rate, we sold our business within about three months, and I was totally elated… The Rua Transaction Process works. It’s the smooth running, well-oiled gear machine… I would wholeheartedly recommend it!

Seller  |  Quinn D.  |  Manufacturing


There’s a lot of emotion involved in a transaction, both on the seller side and the buying side… The Rua Transaction Process brings the parties together… we got the deal done, and the deal was done efficiently…The team approach and service is very effective. I highly recommend it to anyone trying to buy or sell a business.

Buyer  |  JT W.  |  Manufacturing