Advisor Referral Program

Deliver a Comprehensive Exit Strategy for Your Clients

 As a trusted advisor, you understand the challenges businesses face when preparing for a successful exit. The M&A transaction process can be complex, requiring specialized expertise to navigate and maximize value.


NuVescor’s Advisor Referral Program bridges this gap.


We provide a collaborative solution, seamlessly connecting you with a dedicated team of M&A professionals. We surround the traditional Mergers & Acquisitions process with extensive preparation and exceptional closing support. This ensures your clients receive a comprehensive exit strategy, executed with industry-specific knowledge and proven results.


Enhance Your Client Service Offerings:


  • Expand Expertise: Offer your clients a complete exit planning solution without becoming an M&A expert yourself. Partner with NuVescor to deliver the full spectrum of exit planning services.
  • Deepen Client Relationships: Remain a trusted advisor throughout the exit process by working alongside NuVescor’s experienced team. Solidify your position as a strategic partner, fostering long-term client loyalty.
  • Unlock Revenue Potential: By partnering with NuVescor, you could earn significant compensation for qualified referrals through our tiered partnership structure.

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How it Works

Join our referral network

Sign up on our website using the form above to become a NuVescor Exit Planning Referral Partner, and stay connected with us for ongoing communication and support.

Refer clients

When you have a client who’s ready to take the next step in their exit planning journey, submit their information below and choose your desired level of involvement.

Earn based on your involvement

Depending on your level of participation in the process, you can earn between 10% and 50% of NuVescor’s total fees on each transaction.

Flexible Partnership Levels to Suit Your Practice:

Our Advisor Referral Program offers a range of options to best suit your practice. With our average success fee at $225,000, you stand to gain a percentage of this fee, proportional to your level of involvement.

1. Lead Referral (10%)

Simply refer your client to us, and we’ll take it from there.

2. Sales Process Collaboration (15%)

Work alongside us to set up meetings and assist in converting your client into a NuVescor client.

3. Advisory Role (20%)

Provide ongoing guidance to your client throughout the M&A process, working closely with our team.

4. Certified Exit Planning Advisor (50%)*

Become a certified exit planning advisor with NuVescor and take on a more active role in the M&A process, earning a substantial share of the fees.

*Coming soon

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