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Embarking on the journey of selling your manufacturing business can be a pivotal moment filled with both anticipation and uncertainty. At NuVescor, we understand the years of dedication, hard work, and personal investment that you’ve poured into building your legacy.

We know that the decision to sell isn’t simply a business transaction – it’s about securing your financial future, maintaining your hard-earned reputation, and ensuring the continued growth of what you’ve built. You want a buyer who doesn’t just see the financial value of your business, but one who also shares your vision, appreciates your values, and is committed to upholding your legacy.

That’s why at NuVescor, we go beyond the numbers to truly understand your unique journey. Leveraging our in-depth industry expertise and personalized approach, we aim to make your transition not just successful, but also meaningful.

Are you ready to exit?

The Personal Readiness to Exit (PRE) Score is designed to help you evaluate your preparedness to exit your business.

What’s your company’s value?

The Value Builder System is a statistically proven method for increasing the value of your company. The survey takes about 15 minutes, and you will instantly receive your company’s value score.

Our Sell-Side Process


At NuVescor, we transform the complexities of selling your business into a streamlined journey, guided by our Rua Transaction Process. Here’s what you can anticipate when you choose to sell your business with us.


Preparation (30-60 Days)

We kick-start your selling journey with meticulous preparation. This involves:

  • Conducting comprehensive market research
  • Carrying out business evaluations
  • Formulating a strategic plan to take your business to market

This in-depth groundwork establishes a solid foundation for the next phases of the Rua Transaction Process.


MatchMaking (60-90 Days)

We match your business with potential buyers whose interests align with yours. We will:

  • Curate presentations
  • Organize business showings
  • Review proposals
  • Facilitate communications

This matchmaking phase fosters a competitive environment, amplifying your business’s value.


Closing (60-90 Days)

Once you’ve chosen which proposal to accept, we will schedule a closing, assist you with financing, and coach you through all legal documents involved. We proactively facilitate everything needed to ensure a timely and successful closing.

Why NuVescor?

When it comes to business transitions, there is no one-size-fits-all approach. At NuVescor, we stand by your side, offering personalized strategies tailored to your unique journey and specific objectives. Here’s why manufacturing business owners choose to partner with us:

Industry-Specific Expertise

With years of experience in the manufacturing sector, we bring a deep understanding of the industry’s intricacies and dynamics. This specialized knowledge allows us to strategize effectively and position your business optimally to potential buyers.

The Rua Transaction Process

Our proprietary process flips the industry’s typical 75% failure rate on its head, boasting an impressive 80% success rate. Through comprehensive preparation, precise matchmaking, and thorough facilitation, we ensure a successful transition from start to finish.

Confidentiality and Minimized Disruptions

We understand your need to maintain confidentiality and minimize disruptions to your daily operations. Our meticulous planning and execution ensures that your sale process is as smooth and undisruptive as possible.

Legacy Preservation

Your legacy matters. We are committed to finding a buyer who aligns with your vision and values, ensuring the future of your business is in capable hands.

Ready to Sell?

Feedback from our Clients


There’s a lot of emotion involved in a transaction, both on the seller side and the buying side… The Rua Transaction Process brings the parties together… we got the deal done, and the deal was done efficiently…The team approach and service is very effective. I highly recommend it to anyone trying to buy or sell a business.

-JT W.

Once we put the business on the market, we had incredible momentum due to upfront preparation and planning. Throughout the Rua Transaction Process, we received great support and things kept moving forward. The team approach and preparation was key to bringing the transaction to a successful close.

-Dean & Paula S.

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