Webinar – The Future of the Automation Industry: Is It Time to Buy or Sell?

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The Future of the Automation Industry: Is It Time to Buy or Sell?


The automation industry is at a pivotal moment. Technological advancements, rising labor costs, and an ever-increasing need for productivity and quality are driving unprecedented growth. As the market expands, business owners within this sector face a critical decision: Is now the time to buy or sell?

Join NuVescor for an insightful webinar that explores the current market trends and factors influencing the decision to sell an automation business. Whether you’re approaching retirement, seeking new ventures, or simply curious about the future of the industry, this webinar is tailored for you.

What You Will Learn:

  • Market Trends: Understand the latest developments in the automation industry and how they impact your business.
  • Buy or Sell Decision Making: Gain insights into the factors that should guide your decision to buy or sell in the current market landscape.
  • Expert Perspectives: Hear from others as they share their experiences and insights on navigating the automation market.
  • NuVescor’s Approach: Learn how NuVescor’s sell-side services can support automation business owners considering a profitable exit while preserving their business legacy.


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