This Midwest-based company specializes in taking control or automation concepts and producing completed products including software packages, electrical schematics, full parts lists and a final electrical assembly for any industrial application. The Company has a team of highly-skilled engineers who can develop custom solutions for a variety of customers in almost any industry. The founder has a team in place that allows him to step away from the day-to-day activities of the Company. The Company has benefited from low overhead and high profit margins, as well as repeat business from loyal customers. As the demand for more computer-controlled systems and automation increases, the Company is well-poised for growth. Over the years, the Company has built a strong relationship with many of its customers which can be leveraged for additional future projects.
Demand Across Industries – The industrial automation industry is seeing remarkable growth as manufacturing in the United States grows and also seeks cost-saving automated manufacturing processes in multiple industrial sectors.

Room for Growth – The current facilities are available for lease and have capacity for significant sales growth.

Expanded Marketing – The Company currently has no marketing strategy, with 100 percent of business generated through word of mouth. Outside sales efforts to current and possible new customers has the potential to double sales, particularly to businesses across North America outside the Midwest market.

Full-Service Approach – This Company offers multiple ways to engage with customers – working with a manufacturer, alongside a mechanical engineering company or by being an invisible partner to customer companies that need a behind-the-scenes, complete line of service.

Broad Customer Base – The Company works in multiple industrial sectors, helping it avoid manufacturing cycles and economic shifts that have hurt similar companies tied to one industry.

Transaction Closed

March 2018

3 Year Average Revenue: $4,310,000
3 Year Average Adjusted EBITDA: $1,042,000

YTD as of 8/31/17 Revenue: $3,420,000
YTD as of 8/31/17 Adjusted EBITDA: $1,124,000