This nearly 30-year-old company manufacturers material handling equipment used in many industries with customers globally. They provide smart solutions for filling, weighing, conveying, unloading, mixing, dumping, sorting, and custom applications.  Their customers include OEM’s, system integrators, process engineering firms, and many other end use customers. Superior customer service, engineering product innovations, and building smart systems for companies to operate more efficiently, has allowed the Company to increase market share. The large variety of industries, markets, and customers they currently serve provide solid growth opportunities, and they have many more areas to expand into using their excellent reputation as a foundation.

With the owner approaching retirement and prepared to sell, this Company presents an opportunity to acquire a healthy and growing Company, to operate independently or merge with a buyer’s existing equipment design and build operation.


Facility Capacity – The Company operates from a modern plant built to house this Company’s manufacturing and office operations, a plant that has space for 30 percent expansion in manufacturing and sales.

Excellent Local Economy – The Company is located in one of the Midwest’s economically healthiest regions, a region that hosts a diverse range of manufacturing markets.

Market Potential – The Company is positioned to grow through advanced design innovation to meet new customer and changing manufacturing needs as well as by expanding sales in currently underserved regions.


Customer Loyalty – An emphasis on service, reliability and honesty, along with deliberate, accurate manufacturing processes, has generated a strong positive reputation and high levels of customer loyalty.

Diverse Customer Base – The Company has a strong presence serving a diverse range of manufacturing market segments across the country, providing protection from economic cycles in individual industries or geographic regions.

2017 Revenue: $5,162,000

2017 Adjusted EBITDA: $477,500