Founded decades ago, our client is a full service lumber company with multiple locations. They specialize in a number of services, including engineered wood products, home design services, specialty mill-work, and post frame building packages. There are separate divisions dedicated to contractor needs and home design planning services, also a showroom providing flooring, cabinetry and counter tops.

Their customer-centric philosophy continues to fuel growth and loyalty from the large customer base, reaching Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, Illinois, and other states. This friendly and knowledgeable staff has allowed them to continue growing during the infiltration of the national “Big Box” chains


Strong Local Economy – Unemployment in the Company’s market area is among the lowest in the state, while wages continue to increase and interest rates remain near record lows. Both residential and commercial construction are projected to continue to grow. With proper investment in marketing, growth of sales should follow growth in the local economy.


Community Institution – This Company has been developing its brand in its home market for over half a century, emphasizing good prices and local customer service. The Company has a customer list of approximately 4,000 accounts, including a high rate of repeat customers.

Strong Workforce – The Company has approximately 100 employees with average tenure of more than 15 years, including talented key employees who have received awards for interior and home design. These employees bring a strong base of community knowledge and history with customers.

Recent History of Sales Growth – Since coming out of the recession, the Company has seen five years of steady sales growth, with sales nearly doubling from 2010 to 2015.

2016 Revenue: $46,100,000

2016 Adjusted EBITDA: $2,190,000