This Indiana Company designs and builds high-end automation, assembly and test systems, including robotics, primarily serving automotive manufacturers. With a focus on continually developing skilled employees and applying the latest technology, the Company has seen rapid sales growth in the past several years. A history of quality service and support has developed long-standing relationships with key customers. Moving into complete lines and advanced assembly systems has positioned the Company for continued growth opportunities for new owners. The Company has a strong management team, and its current owner is willing to remain in a transition role for several years. Current backlog as of 10/19/19 is $9,500,000.
Expanding Markets – The Company’s transition to higher level automation and assembly systems provides on-going opportunities to reach new customers outside its current core market.

Fine-Tune Company Operations – Refining processes to increase efficiency and productivity along with a stronger supply base to control costs offer the potential for improved margins as the Company expands sales.

Grow Software Services – Continual expansion of its software development operations would enable the Company to grow their market of automation and assembly systems and integration to manufacturing customers.

Well-Established Record of Quality – The Company has a long history of skilled work and use of cutting edge technology, an approach that has positioned it as a high-level assembly system and automation integrator. It has preferred status with leading customers.

Outstanding Culture – The Company culture empowers employees to apply individual, creative thinking, rewards success and fosters a hard-working attitude. This results in a high level of service and support that

2019 Forecast Revenue: $11,500,000
2019 Forecast EBITDA: $2,500,000