This Michigan-based mechanical contractor has grown steadily for more than 25 years to produce an impressive resume of projects for prominent regional industries and health care systems. The Company provides commercial, institutional and industrial HVAC and mechanical systems, refrigeration, temperature controls, plumbing, welding, boiler and burner installations and repair. It specializes in healthcare and industrial process piping applications with design and build capabilities. The Company operates with a staff of dedicated skilled technicians that have the expertise to complete large projects. The Company has high customer loyalty, including having served its largest customers for decades, with some customer locations staffed on site. This purchase offers the opportunity to acquire a thriving, well-regarded mechanical contractor with a large and profitable customer base.


Improved Marketing – Company sales currently are primarily gained through word of mouth, with little to no marketing. Boosting marketing efforts and increasing the number of project bids offer an opportunity to grow sales.

Expand Services – The Company has the potential to leverage its customer connections and reputation to expand into offering sheet metal services.

Facility Capacity – The Company operates from a central location that offers room to expand operations by about 25 percent.


Highly Qualified – The Company holds a complete array of national and state industry certifications and is qualified to work on a full range of commercial, industrial and institutional projects. It has kept up with changing technology for tools that increase quality and productivity.

Quality Employee Pool – The Company maintains an excellent relationship with the local United Association union and has a staff of dedicated, long-term employees. It provides continuous training for both journeyman and apprentice employees.

2017 Revenue:                                   $7,000,000

2017 Adjusted EBITDA:                      $1,400,000