This Company specializes in the design, build, and programming of turnkey, custom automation solutions for a wide range of manufacturing and testing applications. The Company’s products meet a wide variety of industry needs, including sheet metal assemblies that can include robotic welding, plastic part assembling, and many other specialized applications. It also has expertise in building machines that will install and test circuit boards in assemblies. The Company’s broad customer base includes automotive, furniture, agriculture and other industries. It also produces machined parts with its CNC and lathe capabilities. The Company has a stable and experienced work force and has the capacity for increased production for a new owner who chooses to invest in growing sales.


Capability to Meet Diverse Manufacturing Needs – The Company is located in a region of Michigan known for its diverse, growing manufacturing environment, offering excellent opportunities for the Company to attract customers with its experience in a variety of manufacturing settings.

Expanded Sales Strategies – A new owner who invests in additional sales efforts has the potential to tap into the strong current demand for automation technology in manufacturing.


Focus on Innovation – The Company has the reputation for solving difficult automation solutions involving innovative engineering and technical expertise not offered by other competitors.

Experienced, Well-Trained Staff – Key employees have been with the Company for nearly two decades, and the Company has been active in training a steady supply of its own journeyman machine builders.

High Customer Retention – Quality products and attention to customer needs keeps customers coming back; most top customers have been with the Company for a decade or more.

Turnkey Operations – The purchase opportunity includes a modern plant well equipped with essential CNC equipment. The plant has sufficient space to grow Company operations.

2017 Revenue:                                  $9,000,000

2017 EBITDA:                                   $1,500,000