This Midwest-based Company would like to sell their patented inflatable structural packaging product manufacturing operation to an acquirer that has the distribution to a wide variety of shipping and packaging purchasers.

Product Features – Produced with eco-friendly sustainable materials.  Their proprietary products drastically reduce shipping costs and storage space and exceed quality standards compared to similar priced product options.   There are also opportunities to continue the machine building capability.

Product Development – The Company’s technology can be adapted to serve a wide variety of clients in diverse industries.  The Company offers design, prototyping and sampling, manufacturing, and distribution to their customers.

Production Capabilities – The current production staff and equipment have the capacity for growth. A passionate and talented staff has expertise to provide innovative solutions to serve new customer needs with minimal lead times.

The company has recently been awarded Purchase Orders from a large, nationally known customer, which is driving the forecasted revenue and EBITDA figures below.

March 2020 – March 2021 Forecasted Revenue:                             $2,000,000

March 2020 – March 2021 Forecasted EBITDA:                               $730,000