This Company is a national leader in the manufacture of precision gages used in production in numerous industries. As an expert source in metrology – the science of measurement – this Company has a long history of providing top-quality functional gaging for thread, cylindrical, pin, API thread and specialized applications. Key to the Company’s past success is a proprietary plating process that produces gages that last up to four times longer than competitors’ products. The Company has upgraded production equipment in the past decade and is ready for new management to lead a quality staff in continuing a strong tradition of excellence.


Extensive Market Possibilities – The Company’s expertise is used in a wide range of manufacturing applications, including automotive, nuclear power, medical, energy and agricultural industries, offering multiple avenues for new market penetration.


Recognized Excellence – The Company is widely known for its quality products. It manufactures gages to American Petroleum Institute (API) specifications and is one of only two manufacturers in the United States licensed to manufacture API master gages.
Quality Facilities – The Company operates from a spacious manufacturing facility equipped with technologically advanced production machinery. The plant is located on a large site with room for expansion.

3 Year Average Revenue: $3,800,000
3 Year Average Adjusted EBITDA: $400,000