This provider of on-line education and testing solutions has experienced remarkable, steady growth by applying technology and solid customer service while gaining a high level of customer loyalty. The Company’s web-based product enhances communication between students and educators and tracks training accomplishments for certification in allied health fields. The Company has grown without incurring debt and continues to operate with very low overhead. It holds a commanding share of its core market nationally. Based in the Midwest, the Company serves clients globally and the founding partners are available for transition assistance. This opportunity offers an exceptional business poised for continued growth with minimal additional capital expense.


Continuing Market Expansion – The Company has a solid history of debt-free growth through increasing market share and providing new services. Expansion into new educational and testing disciplines is already underway. Existing operations could support a 30 percent sales growth without increased operating costs.
Replicable Model in Multiple Fields – The Company’s products, now focused on medical education and testing, are readily scalable and customizable for a wide variety of other educational tracks that require documentation of training and certification of skills.


High Level of Customer Loyalty – Company services inherently encourage retention once the proprietary applications are in use by teachers and students. The Company also enhances loyalty through a commitment to quality and customer service, leading to a retention rate of 90 percent.
Low-Overhead Operations – Company systems are based on the latest web technologies, requiring only limited physical operational costs for facilities and equipment, with employees able to work at remote locations.
High-Value Knowledge Base – The Company has developed an extensive, well-regarded bank of testing materials that would be difficult, if not impossible, for another company to replicate and are a significant asset for a new owner.