This nationwide Company has developed proprietary software and processes for paperless, electronic management of sensitive data that is embraced by customers across the United States. This Company has created phenomenal and steady sales growth that has made them first in their service niche. The Company’s affordable, efficient, easy-to-use, secure, web- based product is authorized to directly integrate with the database of a federal agency in its field. The proprietary software provides for complete electronic management, from origination, to resolution. The Company’s faithful customer base of governmental entities includes more than half the U.S. states, hundreds of counties and municipalities, plus numerous national and state level professional organizations.


Market share potential –This Company has seen an exponential growth rate, with some years exceeding 35 percent. Its growth potential is nowhere near capped. With a market of over 20,000 clients, only 5,000 are currently using the Company’s software and process.

Industry leader — In a field with high industry entry barriers, competitors have demonstrated the lack of ability to match the Company’s service level and price. The greatest sources of new business are customers dissatisfied with an outdated competitor’s product.

Strong reputation — New sales are driven primarily by word of mouth from loyal customers rather than marketing.


Customer loyalty – The Company has a national customer base that is gained primarily through strong reputation, treating clients with respect, and providing clients with a product they can afford. Over 10+ years the Company maintains a very strong customer retention record. State contracts have always been renewed.

Unique solution — The Company offers proprietary software and processes, which enables customers to directly integrate with the database of a federal agency. This allows customers to work efficiently, reliably, and securely. What previously took days to complete, now only takes minutes.

Spot-on software – With extensive knowledge of proprietary software, processes, and user needs, the Company offers its product to customers, enabling them to do their jobs efficiently, reliably, and securely.

 2019 Revenue: $1,850,000
2019 EBITDA: $1,300,000