From MetalForming Magazine: Navigating Your Future as a Metal Former: Exit or Expansion

Randy Rua has orchestrated hundreds of successful business merger and acquisition transactions. He is the President of NuVescor, a trusted advisor for manufacturing business owners navigating the M&A process. Here’s sneak peak from his article in MetalForming magazine:

In the booming metal fabrication market, consolidation is the wave of the future, offering unique opportunities for small and medium-sized businesses. With the metal fabrication market valued at around $43 billion and anticipated to grow, fabricators are encouraged to review key steps for navigating this dynamic landscape.

Whether considering an exit or expansion, proactive preparation is crucial for a smoother process and increased options. Understanding buyer options, investing in modern automation technologies, and ensuring financial readiness are just some of the strategies to consider.

For those looking to expand, strategic mergers and acquisitions can be a unique growth opportunity in this fragmented industry. An advisor with industry experience can provide valuable guidance throughout the process. Don’t wait until the last minute, start planning now.

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