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Your Five-Step Plan to a Successful Manufacturing Business Exit

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On-Demand Webinar: The Exit Roadmap: Your Five-Step Plan to a Successful Manufacturing Business Exit

Are you a manufacturing business owner contemplating an exit strategy? Preparing to sell a business involves more than financial assessments and market analysis—it requires clarity and forethought about your own future and goals.

In this previously recorded webinar, “The Exit Roadmap: Your Five-Step Plan to a Successful Manufacturing Business Exit,” we guide you through the crucial steps every manufacturing business owner needs to take before embarking on the exit journey.

In this informative session, you’ll discover:

  • The importance of clarity on WHY YOU ARE EXITING and how it shapes your exit strategy
  • How to ALIGN YOUR EXIT TYPE WITH YOUR WHY, enabling a smoother transition.
  • Crucial tips on how to FIGURE OUT YOUR NUMBER, setting a realistic and achievable financial target.
  • Guidance on envisaging the LIFE YOU WANT POST EXIT, a key consideration often overlooked.
  • How to accurately PIN-POINT YOUR SPOT ON THE EXIT MATRIX, a vital step in determining your best exit strategy.

Don’t miss this opportunity to craft a well-thought-out exit plan. Access the webinar on-demand and start paving the path towards a successful, rewarding exit from your manufacturing business.

Featured Presenter

Randy Rua
President, NuVescor Group
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Randy, with a vision and leadership, guides NuVescor towards its objectives, leveraging extensive M&A industry knowledge gained since purchasing a business years ago. Developing a unique process through various firm experiences, he founded Rua Associates in 2010. In 2016, Randy and his wife Tami acquired NuVescor, applying Rua’s methods to enhance client outcomes. Holding a BS in Engineering and an MBA in entrepreneurship, Randy is also a Certified Business Appraiser, Certified Exit Planning Advisor, and a Certified Advisor for the Value Builder System. He has contributed as an adjunct professor at both Calvin College and Grand Valley State University.

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