11 Questions to Ask When Selecting an M&A Firm

How do you know if you can trust the M&A firm you plan to hire? Have them continually give you proof and do not just take them at their word when they say “You can trust us.”

Determine the M&A Firm’s ability to prove with data they can meet your goals before committing

1. When in the process will you know if they can meet your minimum threshold of value from the type of buyer you want to sell to?

2. When will you know if the firm can create the needed buyer pool confidentially, efficiently, and in a timely manner in order to receive multiple proposals?

3. Can you easily get out of their engagement agreement if they cannot meet your goals?

Prove with a documented transparent process the M&A Firm’s ability to put in the effort required

4. Who is involved in their M&A process and do they have the skills and capacity to do what is needed?

5. How much of your time does the firm need to run their process? Will you be distracted from running the business?

6. Will the firm do the extra work to give you all the data needed to make sure you select the right buyer?

7. How will you know if the firm is doing what they told you they would do? How is each team member held accountable?

8. Can you fire them at any time if needed?

Ensure the M&A Firm’s fee structure and team member compensation align with your success

9. Is the person or persons working for you incentivized to put in the extra effort?

10. Does the compensation plan allow them to work well together as a team?

11. Does the fee the firm receives incentivize them to maximize your value?

Establishing a process to effectively compare firms is how you will find the most suitable fit and ensure the process runs as smoothly as possible. Finding an M&A firm that aligns with you and your business is what’s most important in your sale or acquisition.

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