Van’s Pattern acquired by
LNS Manufacturing, Inc

GRAND RAPIDS, MI, – NuVescor Group is pleased to announce the successful sale of Van’s Pattern, based in Grand Rapids, MI to LNS Manufacturing, Inc. owned and led by Larry DeHart and the Van’s Pattern current General Manager, Glenn McQuarter.

Van’s Pattern is a national leader and innovator in the manufacture of polystyrene patterns and prototypes.

DeHart said Van’s Pattern is an attractive opportunity because it’s been in business for 60 years, has a solid reputation in the industry, a mature workforce and is a pioneer in polystyrene pattern design and construction. The new owners have decades of manufacturing experience and Larry in particular has grown two companies, including Micro Machine Company, which he owned until 2010. Micro Machine, a precision Medical Device Manufacturer, had locations in Kalamazoo, Mich., and Warsaw, Ind.

“With 48 years of production management background, growing two companies as well as owning one of them, I feel comfortable in my abilities to continue the established reputation as well as promoting growth” said DeHart, now president of Van’s Pattern.

DeHart said he is “keenly aware of the challenges facing manufacturing today, especially in the contract manufacturing arena” and expects growth in the business. They are expecting to add 8 to 10 employees in 2021. The company currently employs 21 people.

Former Van’s Pattern owner Dan Vander Molen took over the company from his father more than 40 years ago, and prior to that worked closely with his father, learning all aspects of the business. He has seen the evolution of pattern making from the early wood patterns and recognized an opportunity to produce patterns using foam. Vander Molen was an early innovator and led the way in the industry in foam patterns. Van’s Pattern utilizes nine CNC-controlled cutting machines to meet the high-precision demands of the auto industry, special tool manufacturers and foundries.

About Van’s Pattern
The Company operates out of a modern 40,000 sq. ft. building at 11 Sweet St. NW, in Grand Rapids, Michigan. It has an excellent track record of serving industrial OEM and Tier 2 manufacturing clients as well as iron and steel foundries across the US. Its extensive facilities, best-in-class equipment and a highly-trained workforce rank it at the top of its industry.

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