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Some sort of intro language that would speak to how we’re offering this to help our partners add value tot heir clients and help us get exposure to their clients who might be thinking of an acquisition, with banks still willing to lend and sellers accepting more structure and interest rates being low?

Current projects (also on our website at https://nuvescor.wpengine.com/companies-for-sale/):

Picture Description Sales/EBITDA Location Launch Date Sector Products/Services End Markets Capabilities Opportunities Thesis
Engineered die cut materials manufacturer $4,600,000/$125,000 Midwest Available nowSampleSampleSampleSample
Laminated Wood Products Manufacturer $2,130,000/DistressedMichigan Available now
PREP 1LocationXXXX
PREP 2LocationXXXX
PREP 3LocationXXXX
PREP 4LocationXXXX

Projects under LOI and in closing process:

Picture Description Sales EBITDA Location Buyer Type
Industrial Design & Automation System Integrator$14,500,000$1,200,000Midwest (3 locations)International Strategic
Special Tooling and Pattern Fabricator$3,000,000$400,000MichiganIndividual and Management
Aerospace and Automotive Coating Services Company$5,500,000$1,160,000MichiganIndividual
Assembly and Automation Equipment Manufacturer$11,500,000$2,500,000IndianaInvestor with Group of Companies
Medical Case Management Provider$1,000,000$350,000ColoradoIndividual

Some sort of language like COVID hasn’t slowed us down! Closings so far in 2020:

Picture Description Sales EBITDA Location Closed Date Press Release
Snack food manufacturer$$MichiganJuly 2020


Minority purchase of construction co$$MichiganJuly 2020


Concrete supplier$$MichiganJune 2020


Web designer$$MichiganMay 2020


Scanner and data converter$$MichiganMarch 2020