This well-connected Company provides a full range of quality product finishing services to the automotive and transportation markets. It has experienced, expert employees who work with the latest technology and top vendors in the industry to provide multiple finishing solutions on a wide variety of customer substrate materials. This Company is experiencing rapid growth and already has committed orders for the next several years. To support this growth, additional capital investment will be required. The current owner is looking for a minority ownership investor to help fund the growth now with an option to acquire the majority of the business in the future. The global finishing industry is seeing sustained growth, providing an opportunity to partner with a high-quality, profitable and growing enterprise. The current owner is active in the business and would like to remain involved for the next five years.


Additional Equipment – The current owners are interested in partnering with an investor to procure additional equipment needed to support growth in 2017 and 2018 that the Company has been awarded. The Company’s 2018 launch schedule will require additional machines and potentially a facility expansion.

Provide Management Support – The Company has been awarded projects that will increase annual sales to $20M+ within the next 12 to 18 months. An investment partner who can provide depth in CFO and/or COO activities would strengthen the Company’s foundation for its upcoming growth.


Wide Spectrum of Capabilities – The Company’s facility and processes allow it to provide many different kinds of product finishing. Other companies in the industry often have less diverse in-house offerings.

Advanced Machinery – The Company has invested heavily in automated production lines and robotic equipment, including a newer finishing line which sets the Company apart from its competitors.

Integrated Operations – In addition to coating and finishing, the Company also offers in-house injection molding and assembly services. This expanded service offering saves its customers cost and hassle by allowing them to deal with one supplier with multiple capabilities.

2016 Revenue: $13,900,000

2016 Adjusted EBITDA: $1,800,000