This U.S.-based Company is a longtime leader in the manufacture, sales and distribution of luxury goods cleaning and polishing products, supplying retailers, designers, manufacturers, and retail customers domestically and globally. Its primary sales are business-to-business, but it has recently expanded to sell directly to consumers. Over many decades in business, the Company has earned thousands of loyal customers. Its products are sold in a variety of distribution channels, including some of the world’s largest retail chains, television, and ecommerce, through both private labelling and two house brands. Its successful products and operations have earned it a strong reputation and multiple accolades within its industry. The Company’s wide range of products and services and ability to produce in large quantities far exceed its competitors’ capabilities.


House brand sales – The Company has barely scratched the surface in expanding sales beyond its traditional business-to-business focus. This includes direct-to-consumer sales and opening the house brands to additional retailers.

International / U.S. expansion – The Company has some international distribution but given the lack of global producers, has significant opportunity to expand throughout South America, Europe and Asia, in addition to further growth in the U.S.

Room to grow – Its facility is currently operating at less than full capacity. The Company is capable of increasing production without additional investments in people, processes, technology or equipment.


 Broad range of services – The Company provides turnkey solutions to its private label clients with not only cleaning products and customized packaging, but also marketing and education to help win over consumers.

Loyal customers – The Company has earned thousands of active, long-term customers both in the U.S. and internationally.

Winning reputation – A standout in its industry, the Company has received accolades from business publications for its strong growth and quality products.

Established sales, marketing – An experienced sales team is backed by email marketing campaigns, the Company’s website and annual appearances at the world’s largest industry tradeshow in its primary channel.

High-profile partners – The Company’s products are in a wide variety of channels nationwide and globally, including large retail chains, television, specialty retailers, and e-commerce.

Innovative company – Over many decades in operation, the Company has listened to the market and
customer feedback and adapted accordingly and is widely regarded as the global category leader.

2023 Revenue: $7,500,000

2023 EBITDA: $750,000



NuVescor Group

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