Michigan-Based Commercial & Industrial Roofing Company

This Company has built a strong reputation through over fifty years of quality work over a large region of the state. An expert staff takes pride in installations and pays great attention to detail. The Company has earned a variety of industry accolades, including the Firestone Master Contractor award and the Inner Circle of Quality award. Sales include a mix of 60 percent new roofs and 40 percent reroofing in commercial and industrial settings, averaging about 100 projects a year. The Company’s expertise has built a strong base of customers and contacts among contractors and project managers. Owners are active in the business, but experienced employees continue smooth operations when owners are absent. This purchase opportunity offers a successful business to continue operating as-is or to grow with an investment in sales and staffing.


Strong and Expanding Product Line –  The Company has expertise in a broad range of roofing products, specializing in single ply roofing and able to deliver the newest concepts in roofing.

Broad Market Potential –  The Company currently does limited marketing, relying primarily on existing relationships with contractors and one long-term salesperson. A growth-oriented owner could expand with marketing to contractors and project managers as well as the general business community.

Facility Space – Land and buildings are not necessarily included in this offering, presenting an opportunity to relocate the business to a buyer’s site or another location to facilitate growth.


Strong Market Identity –  The Company is one of the longest operating roofing providers in its region and has developed a strong reputation for quality work, particularly with local contractors and project managers.

High Quality Staffing – A core of experienced roofing technicians, averaging more than 10 years with the Company, know how to install roofing as well as deal with customers. The Company’s work has earned top-level awards from industry manufacturers.

2018 Revenue:                            $6,500,000

2018 Adjusted EBITDA:             $690,000



This industrial equipment manufacturer in the air filtration sector is a well-established Company that has been thoroughly restructured with new manufacturing technology and management practices. The Company develops, manufactures, markets and sells a line of equipment used in nearly every manufacturing setting. The Company’s product line includes proven manufacturing support equipment with strong brand recognition. Current ownership has completed an overhaul of company marketing, added product lines, boosted engineering capability and installed lean manufacturing processes. Management has been restructured with key personnel to allow hands-off operation by ownership, or to allow a new owner to focus on growth and development of significant untapped potential in the Company.


Strong and Expanding Product Line – The Company product line has been expanding, including a patent pending product not yet in production. New product and marketing initiatives are already growing sales.

Broad Market Potential – The Company supplies equipment needed by most manufacturing operations, providing an opportunity to grow market share and to participate in current domestic and international manufacturing growth.

Facility Space – The Company’s current facility, available in the purchase, has room to support manufacturing growth for double current sales.


Extensive Sales Network – The Company has a nationwide distribution through an established sales network to both end-user customers and OEM manufacturers who integrate Company parts in their own products.

Strong Market Identity – The Company sets itself apart from larger, global competitors with quality products and proven designs, competitive pricing and a service-oriented approach to meet individual customer needs.

2017 Revenue: $4,200,000

2017 Adjusted EBITDA: $590,000

3 Year Average Adjusted EBITDA: $675,000



This well-established precision plastic injection mold and die company offers a wide range of services, including mold design and build, as well as prototype, tryout, repair and revision work. The Company also provides short-run production and prototype parts injection molding, as well as part sampling. The Company also has a diverse product line and customer base, both nationally and internationally. The majority owner is looking to exit, but will stay during a transition period. The Company is well-positioned for a buyer looking to operate and grow a thriving business, or for a similar business to add capacity or expand in a new market with established accounts, skilled employees and quality equipment and facilities.


Emphasis on Sales and Marketing – The Company currently relies on word of mouth for sales. With investment in sales staff, it could broaden its customer base, with particular opportunities in new product areas it has already developed, such as lens and foam molding, and potential lines such as 3D printing.

Facilities to Available for Growth – Manufacturing operations are currently at about 75 percent of facility and equipment capacity, providing room for growth with addition of new staffing.


Extensive In-House Expertise – The Company’s highly skilled employees have many years of experience and diverse abilities, including complete in-house engineering services offering reverse engineering, part & tool inspection, tool verification, and detailing. This ISO 9001 certified company operates with the latest technology, equipment and tooling as well as precision measuring to ensure quality.

Diversified Customer Base – The Company serves diverse markets with product lines including medical, automotive, home appliances, and home and office furniture. The Company’s top customer provides less than 30 percent of its annual revenues; its top three customers combine for approximately 50 percent of annual sales

3 Year Average Revenue: $5,375,000

3 Year Average EBITDA: $600,000