Testimonial 6

There’s a lot of emotion involved in a transaction, both on the seller side and the buying side… The Rua Process brings the parties together… we got the deal done, and the deal was done efficiently…The team approach and service is very effective. I highly recommend it to anyone trying to buy or sell a business.

Testimonial 5

In the beginning, we decided to sell our business ourselves! And that was an exercise in futility… With the Rua Process’ 80% success rate, we sold our business within about three months, and I was totally elated… The Rua Process works. It’s the smooth running, well-oiled gear machine… I would wholeheartedly recommend it!

Testimonial 4

If you’re trying to go cheap and sell it on your own, your likelihood of success is low. I would not hesitate to tell anybody else that’s looking to buy or sell to use The Rua Process. Why give your money to a company that is less than likely to get you to the finish line?

Testimonial 2

Once we put the business on the market, we had incredible momentum due to upfront preparation and planning. Throughout the Rua Process, we received great support and things kept moving forward. The team approach and preparation was key to bringing the transaction to a successful close.

Testimonial 1

I highly recommend the Rua Process to anyone looking to buy or sell a business. Even though they were representing the seller, they still helped me as the buyer making it a win-win situation.