This Company sells and services new and used high-quality industrial woodworking and panel processing machinery to customers in several midwestern states, building a wide and loyal client base over several decades in business. It benefits from a knowledgeable and productive sales staff and strong, long-term relationships with manufacturers of the world’s finest machinery in its industry. Demand for its products is strong and growing. With a large base of established customers and a solid reputation, the Company is poised for growth. The owner is willing to assist new owners through a transition period of up to one year.


Sales capacity – Hiring additional qualified sales personnel could help the Company leverage its broad customer base and quality reputation to increase business.

Growing market – Increasing demand for woodworking and panel processing equipment is led by customers in the kitchen cabinet, furniture, millwork and recreational vehicle industries.


Strong customer base – The Company has built a wide and loyal following of more than 1,000 customers. Its top ten clients have been with the Company for an average of 15 years.

Experienced, capable staff – Outstanding sales, service and technical support are provided by employees with average tenure of 20 years.

Supplier relationships – The Company represents some of the world’s finest manufacturers of woodworking and panel processing machinery, with whom it shares solid relationships. Its top five suppliers of equipment and parts have partnered with the Company for an average of 23 years.

2021 Revenue: $5,600,000
2021 EBITDA: $650,000

Contact: NuVescor Group
(616) 379-4047





This Midwest Company manufactures cost-effective, eco-friendly water treatment systems to control hard-water scale and corrosion for residential, commercial and industrial customers. Its proven technology, developed over decades in business, has been used in over half a million successful installations across the U.S. and world. It can be adapted for use with any size system, and the Company provides the engineering know-how for custom projects. Through its longevity in the market, customer service and time-tested technology, the Company has generated strong customer loyalty. With high profit margins and a history of increasing sales, the Company offers a valuable opportunity for new owners with a focus on marketing and advertising.


Unused capacity – The Company’s facility could accommodate an estimated four times the current sales volume.  

Boost sales efforts – The current owner juggles multiple duties, including sales and marketing, only scratching the surface of potential sales. Focusing more resources on connecting with new customers could boost business.


Profitable business – The Company currently generates substantial profit margins. 

Top technology – Its unique water conditioners outperform all competitors in physical water treatment. 

Adaptability – The Company’s technology can be tailored to any size system in residential, commercial and industrial settings. 

Established distribution – Sales are nearly all through a broad dealer network, some with 30 years of experience selling the Company’s products. Its top 5 dealers/distributors have been on board for an average of 7 years. 

2021 Revenue: $ 2,450,000
2021 EBITDA: $ 1,400,000





For more than 30 years, this Midwest Company has provided OEM pump products and solutions online for various commercial and industrial equipment industries around the world. As an early entrant into internet marketing, the Company captured several strategic domain names that lead customers directly to its landing pages where unsolicited business flows in. The yearly influx of new customers has traditionally provided for a recurring, highly diverse customer base. The Company’s constant focus on solving customer problems and high level of service has led to customer loyalty and an excellent reputation in the industry.


Untapped marketing opportunities – Sales have historically been 100% internal without any external
marketing. There are numerous marketing options available that could result in extraordinary sales growth.

Strong online presence – Ownership of its numerous domain names with their continuous influx of traffic
and quote volume provides an enormous opportunity to capitalize on and convert quotations into orders.

Full sales pipeline – The Company entered 2021 with a backlog of over $2 million in business and is working
on several promising multimillion-dollar opportunities.

Operational capacity – Projected revenue growth is 10% per year for the next five years, which the Company
believes it could manage without adding employees or costs. – Sales have historically been 100% internal without any external marketing. There are numerous marketing options available that could result in extraordinary sales growth.


Ready for transition – The owner has effectively moved himself out of the daily business and is not essential to its continuance. Established leaders and team members are able to support a seamless integration on the buyer’s timeline.
Resilient operation – Despite the damage inflicted by COVID-19 on the global economy, the Company stayed focused on customer relationships and value-added solutions to produce strong revenues with increased sales. During 2020 the Company increased booked business by nearly 30% and increased sales by 27%.
Remote workforce – Company employees have always worked remotely, minimizing fixed costs and maintaining a lean and flexible operation.
Global reach – The Company has customers on all seven continents.

2020 Revenue: $ 5,000,000
2020 EBITDA: $ 1,150,000


Contact: NuVescor Group
(616) 379-4047




Over many decades providing products and solutions to the automotive and heavy-duty equipment industries, this Company has developed a loyal customer base and impressive market share. It manufactures and sells hundreds of high-quality American-made undercar parts to original equipment and aftermarket companies online and through a wide network of distributors across North America, including major retail chains. The Company’s extensive research, design technology and testing has won it broad-based brand recognition. Nearly all its products are designed and manufactured in-house, and the owners have invested to update equipment, allowing the Company to set and maintain the highest quality standards.


Model changes – New products in its niche are constantly needed as new automotive and heavy-duty models are introduced.

Going global – Expanding sales outside North America could significantly boost revenues.

E-commerce – The continuing trend toward online retailing further extends this Company’s reach.

Sales pipeline – The Company has opportunities to expand its customer base beyond the current impressive list.


Customer loyalty – The Company has earned broad-based brand recognition, a loyal customer base and an impressive share of its market. 

Product line diversity – The Company offers a long list of products in its market niche. 

Assured quality – An estimated 90% of its products are designed and manufactured in-house. 

Built-in efficiencies – The Company has established standardized templates and specifications to facilitate speed, quoting and accurate production. 

FY 2022 Net Sales Estimate – $8,000,000 

FY 2022 Contribution Margin Estimate – $3,300,000 

Contact: NuVescor Group
(616) 379-4047


West Michigan Machine Shop

This Company is a full-service, high-quality machine shop that builds a diverse range of precision machined parts. With expertise in CNC milling and lathing, the Company primarily works in the machine building, railroad, and industrial equipment industries, supplying OEM and secondary suppliers. Established in 1965, the Company has a history of years of consistent profitability, and positive cash flow as the owners built the business through an emphasis on quality work and close customer support. The Company also has a small welding department and supplies fabricated assemblies as well. This Company is ready to resume its growth under a new owner who provides machining leadership expertise and brings capital to invest in expanded production capabilities. The business was purchased from the company’s founder in 2002, and the current owner would like to retire.


Sales Investment to Utilize Capacity – The Company has sufficient space to more than double current
production. An investment in additional capital equipment, along with increasing support staff in product
estimating and sales could build on the Company’s reputation and boost sales to match the Company’s
production capabilities.

Expanded Product Line – A capital investment in new equipment to produce large parts could expand sales
with complementary product to add sales volume with new and existing customers.


Strong Reputation and Customer Relationships – Expertise and efficiency with attractive price points have developed long-term relationships with the Company’s larger customers, and have also led to referrals for new business opportunities.

Quality Staffing –
The Company’s top manager and its employees have extensive experience in the industry. Production staff is very experienced, with most of the workforce being with the company in excess of 15 years.

Expertise in Production
– As it has grown, the Company has focused on applying newer top-quality, wellmaintained equipment.

Make-to-order Specialty
– The Company’s focus on serving customers needing custom parts in small quantities sets it apart.

3-Year Average Revenue: $ 1,400,000
3-Year Average Adjusted EBITDA: $ 150,000


Branded Product Manufacturer of Specialty Tools

This Company manufacturers a specific type of tool and sells it under its own trade name mostly online across the United States, wholesale and retail. The Company represents a successful blending of the old and new. Its well-recognized brand name dates back to the Company’s founding more than a hundred years ago, yet sales today are mainly through the most modern method – e-commerce. About 75% of sales come through Amazon and Big Box hardware and home improvement stores while 25% are direct sales to individuals, distributors, companies, government and schools. In addition to its longevity in the market, the Company distinguishes itself through customer service, quality and competitive pricing. The Company formerly manufactured its own products domestically, but now outsources that manufacturing overseas while still retaining ownership of its patterns. It maintains some 100 active customers, some of whom have been with the Company for decades. The current owners are looking to retire and are willing to assist new owners through a reasonable transition period, with the length and compensation to be negotiated. 


Expanded footprint – Sales territory, by choice, is currently limited to the United States. Business could go worldwide with new owners. 

Boosting revenue – Sales have risen steadily and could be increased further by expanding distribution territory, all leveraged with existing personnel. 


Strong reputation – The Company has built solid brand identification and loyal customer base over more than 100 years. 

E-commerce presence – Products are available through websites of the largest sellers of tools and hardware in the U.S. 

Supplier relationships – The Company has multiple suppliers in China and Taiwan, with one relationship dating back 20 years. 

Competitive pricing – Prices are maintained on the lower end of its market niche without sacrificing quality. 

 2020 Revenue:  $6,800,000  
2020 EBITDA: $1,500,000

EBITDA %: 22.58%
Industry Avg EBITDA %: 9.74%