Our client is a leading company in the field of providing document management solutions via document imaging services and secure document storage to a wide range of customers. The company benefits from recurring revenue generated by its long standing, contractual relationships with its clients. A 5-year contract was recently renewed with the company from one of its main customers. The Company brings a high level of expertise and wide array of specialized document solution services.
The Company presents a customer service oriented new owner the chance to continue a tradition of success.


Boost Marketing – The Company has had success with limited marketing but is currently developing strategies to tap the larger market of organizations who need to process ever-increasing amounts of information.

Increased Sales of Digital Services – The Company is well positioned to leverage its expertise to grow sales of digital services.


Expanded Sales Can Provide High-Margin Revenue – The Company has a large, fixed-cost investment in IT and security systems. New sales with minimal incremental costs provide the opportunity for high margin new revenue.

Established Company Limits Competition – New companies in the industry do not have the experience and technology to handle the high volume, breadth of capabilities and specialized services that this Company is positioned to process. The Company has a dedicated and knowledgeable management team, seasoned sales staff and a well-established reputation. Ownership is willing to work with a new owner to establish a transition time frame.

Forecasted 2019 Revenue: $6,500,000
Forecasted 2019 EBITDA: $1,400,000