Midwest-Based Plastic Injection Molder

This Midwest-based custom injection-molding company manufactures plastic components for longtime, repeat customers in a diverse variety of industries, including the military. Its consistent investment in cutting edge manufacturing technology, exceptional focus on quality, ability to manufacture to tight tolerances and dedicated workforce have allowed it to attract a loyal customer base with virtually no sales effort beyond word of mouth. In addition to injection molding, it provides engineering assistance, insert molding and assembly. The Company has capacity for growth, which could be enabled by a greater focus on sales and marketing. Its long-term government contracts, IATF certification and record of customer retention – some for more than 15 years — make it an excellent investment opportunity.


Quality Achievements — Ability to manufacture to extra-tight tolerances, unwavering commitment to prevent manufacturing errors and detailed quality assurance process allow the Company to retain customers with highest quality standards.

Technology — Company has long invested in new technology, including robotics, which has enabled it to
maintain a lean operation with high efficiency and precision.


::Increased Focus on Sales — Current sales/marketing strategy is limited to following up on referrals and providing current customer needs. A dedicated sales team, representing the Company in the field, is a clear opportunity for growth.

Capacity for Growth — Company has dedicated employees, room for growth and top-notch equipment but currently operates at less than full capacity.

Underutilized Specialties — Company could win new business by better promoting its CNC capabilities and other value-added opportunities

New Products — Several potential new products are currently under development to join the multiple products the Company already manufactures.

3-Year Average Revenue:         $3,500,000  

3-Year Average EBITDA:           $190,000                       


Michigan Laminated Wood Products Manufacturer

This long-established Michigan company specializes in CNC machining of composite wood, plastics and nonferrous metals to produce high-quality decorative seamless 3D laminate products for a wide variety of applications including hospitality, furniture, store fixtures, medical, auto and architectural components. Its skilled and experienced staff turns creative, cutting-edge designs into exceptionally beautiful and functional products. The Company has the expertise and equipment to produce components in a wide variety of designs in virtually any size. It provides its customers total fulfillment, including machining, laminating, assembling, packaging and shipping. Quality control is well-established, with prior ISO certification and complete part traceability of orders.


Kick-starting sales — The Company currently is operating well under capacity as its marketing relies primarily on their reputation and current clients. Creating a sales operation to more actively pursue new business and leverage the Company’s sought-after capabilities could produce high rewards.

New products in the pipeline — The Company currently has new proposed projects under way with current and prospective customers.


Uncommon expertise — This company has rare capabilities within its industry, and little competition for its more advanced services. Potential competitors are discouraged by the complexity of mastering the processes and techniques, some of which are proprietary to the Company.

Experienced staff — Solid and long-tenured management team, most having a decade or decades with the Company.

Established customer base – Customers include some of the bigger names in their industries. Most are repeat customers and have been with the Company five years or longer. Very seldom is there a one-time customer or order.

Year                        2014             2015            2016              2017             2018             2019

Sales                  $3,059,328  $3,276,733  $3,200,848  $2,949,225  $2,718,871  $2,127,774

Adjusted EBITDA $523,731     $526,922     $543,343     $359,895     $136,350    ($10,872)

An appraisal as of December 2019 gives fair market value of machinery and equipment of $722,400


Midwest Engineered Die Cut Materials Manufacturer

This distressed Midwest company provides engineered die cut materials tailored to meet its customers’ applications in multiple industries including automotive, appliance, medical and office furniture. Its expertise in both die cutting and steel rule die making services means it can provide customers with rapid prototyping, design resolution, accelerated production and reduced time-to-market. The Company can work with a variety of materials including foams, fibers, plastics, adhesives, paperboard and fabrics. It has partnered with top automotive Tier 1 and Tier 2 companies for 30 years. Current automotive applications include sound-deadening and reinforcement materials for vehicle headliners, visors, doors, engine compartments, and trunks.


Sales/marketing – Lack of formal marketing and unsuccessful outsourcing of sales have led to stagnant new business development. With an active sales team, growth could be very quick.

Untapped potential – Even before the COVID-19 outbreak, the Company was operating on one shift at about 40% capacity. Its current facility is capable of housing significant growth in production volume.

Skills and experience – The two dozen employees have an average tenure of 13 years with the Company, providing the experience needed to serve and retain new customers. Additionally, the existing management team is very capable.


Strong reputation – The Company’s attention to performance and customer service have paid off in repeat business and prestigious awards including GM Quality Excellence for multiple years running.

Demonstrated excellence – The Company carries certifications in IATF 16949, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

Collaboration – Many years of experience and a focus on ensuring that products and solutions meet customer standards have built their reputation as a collaborative partner.

2019 Revenue: $4,600,000

2019 EBITDA: $125,000

2020: YTD revenues have continued to trend downward with increasing capacity for additional business.



This well-established, Midwest-based full-service industrial automation system integrator provides cradle-to-grave control systems from their three multi-state locations for a large,  diverse and loyal customer base in industries including automotive (OEMs and suppliers), food and beverage, medical device assembly, consumer goods,  power and utilities, water and wastewater, and other industries throughout the Midwest, the nation and world. This decades old Company has shown steady growth, overcoming multiple downturns in the overall economy, providing one-stop solutions to all automation system integration issues. In addition to design, build, commission and validation of controls systems and equipment, this Company also offers hourly project and engineering services. The majority owner is looking to retire and has strong management teams in place, who are also minority owners in the business.



Established presence and reputation – The Company has grown its customer base through deep relationships — some dating back to the Company’s founding — which produce steady, repeat business. That same emphasis on relationships has allowed it to keep a consistent supplier base.

Focus on quality and consistency – Its disciplined adherence to methods, practices and procedures gives this Company a competitive edge, providing consistent value to its customers. Its CSIA certification assures clients that the Company is professionally managed and focused on successful, long-term partnerships.

Investment in sales and marketing – This Company has grown its customer base largely through reputation for providing quality work. As demand for industrial automation continues to grow, greater emphasis on marketing and sales would more broadly leverage their strong reputation to boost sales.


Wide-ranging abilities – With this Company’s wide variety of markets served and its diverse employee skills, it can accommodate nearly any customer requirement for industrial automation systems.

Experienced, stable workforce – With an average employee tenure of six years, this Company has shown its ability to attract and retain quality talent. This saves the Company the expense of finding, training and onboarding new employees and enhances its ability to maintain long-term customer relationships.

Accounting system – A robust, mature accounting and ERP system keeps all necessary financial data visible to key managers and allows for timely review and closing of the books each month.

3 Yr. Average Revenue:                           $14,500,000

3 Yr. Average EBITDA:                             $1,200,000




The medical case management service industry has achieved steady growth as a result of expanded usage for primary medical care and workers’ compensation claims oversight. The trend of the medical industry to manage healthcare costs and provide quality care in the same forefront has expanded the need for case managers in the commercial space, the workers’ compensation space as well as in the motor vehicle claim space. This Company’s founders saw, early on, the need for a strategic approach to managing medical treatment provided as a result of injury, keeping in mind the guidelines, co-morbidities, outliers, etc. The Company is the leading independent case management provider in its state and has plans for rapid expansion into surrounding states, driven by the efficiencies of its proprietary methodology and their developing technology platform. The Company has grown rapidly by providing a streamlined collaborative process and effective and efficient service model that lends itself to positive outcomes for both injured workers/patients, payors (third party administrators, self-insureds, municipalities, etc.) and employers. The current owners are looking to sell their successful company to leverage the expected national growth of their proprietary SaaS technology platform.


Invest in Marketing – The Company has grown steadily through word of mouth and the quality of its services. Investment in marketing staff and media could leverage its reputation to gain significant growth. Company services are readily replicable in unlimited new markets.
Growing Economy – Decreasing unemployment has an inverse, positive impact on demands by employers for case management for both disability claims and employee health oversight.

Proprietary Technology – The Company’s unique Software as a Service Professional Empowerment mobile subscription platform for providing services will offer clients and patients faster and more effective case management oversight than competitors can offer.


Early Adopter in Growth Industry – With rising demand for medical care by an aging population and increasing pressure to control rising costs, medical case management is a rapid growth industry. This Company has the knowledge, experience and tools to provide the service at a higher level than competitors.

Strong Financial Position — The Company has grown steadily, without incurring debt, with a solid core of talented employees to serve a large client base and now controls more than half the market in its home state.

2018 Revenue: $970,000

2018 EBITDA: $350,000