This U.S.-based Company is a longtime leader in the manufacture, sales and distribution of luxury goods cleaning and polishing products, supplying retailers, designers, manufacturers, and retail customers domestically and globally. Its primary sales are business-to-business, but it has recently expanded to sell directly to consumers. Over many decades in business, the Company has earned thousands of loyal customers. Its products are sold in a variety of distribution channels, including some of the world’s largest retail chains, television, and ecommerce, through both private labelling and two house brands. Its successful products and operations have earned it a strong reputation and multiple accolades within its industry. The Company’s wide range of products and services and ability to produce in large quantities far exceed its competitors’ capabilities.


House brand sales – The Company has barely scratched the surface in expanding sales beyond its traditional business-to-business focus. This includes direct-to-consumer sales and opening the house brands to additional retailers.

International / U.S. expansion – The Company has some international distribution but given the lack of global producers, has significant opportunity to expand throughout South America, Europe and Asia, in addition to further growth in the U.S.

Room to grow – Its facility is currently operating at less than full capacity. The Company is capable of increasing production without additional investments in people, processes, technology or equipment.


 Broad range of services – The Company provides turnkey solutions to its private label clients with not only cleaning products and customized packaging, but also marketing and education to help win over consumers.

Loyal customers – The Company has earned thousands of active, long-term customers both in the U.S. and internationally.

Winning reputation – A standout in its industry, the Company has received accolades from business publications for its strong growth and quality products.

Established sales, marketing – An experienced sales team is backed by email marketing campaigns, the Company’s website and annual appearances at the world’s largest industry tradeshow in its primary channel.

High-profile partners – The Company’s products are in a wide variety of channels nationwide and globally, including large retail chains, television, specialty retailers, and e-commerce.

Innovative company – Over many decades in operation, the Company has listened to the market and
customer feedback and adapted accordingly and is widely regarded as the global category leader.

2023 Revenue: $7,500,000

2023 EBITDA: $750,000



NuVescor Group

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This Southeast Michigan industrial plating and coating Company provides electrodepositions and industrial coatings to the automotive, military, furniture, and appliance industries throughout the Midwest, nationally and internationally. It stands out from competitors in its ability to process a wide variety of part sizes in small to large quantities. In its more than 40year history, the Company has built a stable of clients that is wide, deep, and loyal. Its location in a region rich in manufacturing presents multiple opportunities for building sales with more aggressive marketing. Current facilities provide plenty of room for growth, and an experienced leadership team is on board to assist new owners. 


Untapped capacity – The Company’s facility provides plenty of room for growth, capable of potentially doubling its current revenue within the premises.

Aggressive recruiting – Lack of qualified employees, not lack of work, has been the Company’s greatest challenge to growth.

Sales and marketing – The Company has no sales team, relying primarily on its reputation, word of mouth, and its website to generate new business.



Broad capabilities – The Company can process a wide variety of part sizes in quantities ranging from small lots to large production runs.

Many loyal customers – It has built a large stable of loyal clients; its top 10 customers have been working with the Company for an average of 17 years.

Industry certification – The Company’s ISO certification allows it to serve the many customers that require that industry standard.

Supplier relationships – Its top 5 suppliers have been working with the Company for an average of 18 years.

Experienced leaders – A leadership team, already in place, has decades of experience.


3 Year Average Revenue: $1,880,000

3 Year Average EBITDA: $330,000



NuVescor Group

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This Midwest metal fabrication shop focuses on laser cutting, forming, and welding, along with the design and build of custom products for a niche market. Its customer base is diversified over many industries including automotive, office furniture, automation, outdoor architecture, restaurant furniture, marine, and landscaping. The Company primarily focuses on smaller runs and quick turnarounds but has the ability to
mix in production orders with the many automation innovations it has installed. The Company’s reputation for quality and fast, reliable service has attracted an impressive, loyal customer base. Its skilled, dedicated workforce and broad range of capabilities allow the Company to maintain high-quality standards and operate efficiently.


Modern, spacious building – Recently expanded facility provides plenty of room for growth – as much as twice the current output. Continued increases in volume through the facility will translate quickly into increased cash flow.

Dynamic regional economy – Its service region is full of great companies constantly developing new products that require the Company’s services, and the region continues to attract new manufacturers.

New capabilities – New, state-of-the-art equipment added in 2022 will help build the customer base.

Attraction, retention – In a challenging hiring environment, the Company has successfully added the next generation of employees to its workforce through employee referrals.


Diverse customers – The Company serves many industries, including automotive, office furniture, automation, outdoor architecture, restaurant furniture, marine, and landscaping.

Automation and wide range of services – Efficiencies provided by the Company’s many automated and simplified/focused operations give it a significant advantage against competitors in all aspects of laser/fabrication work.

Lean, capable team
– The owner has built a solid, lean team of employees, many having long-term tenure with the Company.

Premium pricing – Its high-quality work and quick turnarounds allow the Company to charge premium prices for its services.

– The Company has succeeded even through the 2008-09 recession and the COVID pandemic – a testament to its strong employee culture and solid customer base


2022 Revenue: $12,290,000

2022 EBITDA: $3,350,000

2023 Forecasted Revenue: $12,000,000

2023 Forecasted EBITDA: $4,000,000 


NuVescor Group

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This 27-year-old Midwest Company manufactures high-quality, plastic injection-molded components and plastic injection molds for original equipment manufacturers and suppliers in a broad variety of industries. Its ability to provide product development and production under one roof has won the Company a loyal, diverse base of customers in its manufacturing-rich home state. A change in management a decade ago has brought new investment in equipment and ISO/IATF quality certifications. With an experienced staff, modern equipment, and broad plastics capabilities, the Company presents opportunities for continued growth. The owners are willing to assist buyers through a reasonable transition period but wish to sell the business to focus on their other business. 


Room for Growth – The Company’s facility is operating at about 50% of capacity.

Sales Focus– A recent review of the customer base revealed sales that were not profitable. Those customers have been removed and there is capacity for much higher profitability customers, which is reflected in the 2023 Forecasted EBITDA.


Wide capabilities – The Company offers its customers product development and manufacturing under one roof.

Modern facility –
The Company has updated its equipment by adding new electric molding machines, automation and tool room equipment.

Industry certification –
With ISO & IATF certifications in place, customers can be confident that products will meet high quality standards.

Experienced, knowledgeable staff –
The technical staff has expertise in design, development and production of international quality products. Its top six managers have an average tenure of more than 10 years with the Company.

2021 Revenue: $12,200,000

2021 EBITDA: $50,000

2022 Revenue: $11,200,000

2022 EBITDA: ($153,000)

Forecasted 2023 Revenue: $7,500,000

Forecasted 2023 EBITDA: $750,000 


NuVescor Group

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Michigan Laminated Wood Products Manufacturer

This long-established Michigan company specializes in CNC machining of composite wood, plastics and nonferrous metals to produce high-quality decorative seamless 3D laminate products for a wide variety of applications including hospitality, furniture, store fixtures, medical, auto and architectural components. Its skilled and experienced staff turns creative, cutting-edge designs into exceptionally beautiful and functional products. The Company has the expertise and equipment to produce components in a wide variety of designs in virtually any size. It provides its customers total fulfillment, including machining, laminating, assembling, packaging and shipping. Quality control is well-established, with prior ISO certification and complete part traceability of orders. 


Kick-starting sales – The Company currently is operating well under capacity as its marketing relies primarily on their reputation and current clients. Creating a sales operation to more actively pursue new business and leverage the Company’s sought-after capabilities could produce high rewards.

New products in the pipeline – The Company currently has new proposed projects under way with current and prospective customers


Uncommon expertise – This company has rare capabilities within its industry, and little competition for its more advanced services. Potential competitors are discouraged by the complexity of mastering the processes and techniques, some of which are proprietary to the Company.

Experienced staff – Solid and long-tenured management team, most having a decade or decades with the Company.

Established customer base – Customers include some of the bigger names in their industries. Most are repeat customers and have been with the Company five years or longer. Very seldom is there a one-time customer or order.

Year                                  2018              2019            2020            2021             2022

Sales                           $2,720,000  $2,130,000  $1,160,000  $2,230,000  $2,200,200

Adjusted EBITDA       $140,000     ($10,000)    ($30,000)    $210,000     $220,000

An appraisal as of December 2019 gives fair market value of machinery and equipment of $772,400