This Company is a national leader in the manufacture of metrology tools used in production in any industry that makes products out of metal. As an expert source in metrology, this Company has a long history of being the best in quality, on-time performance & engineering for specialized applications. Key to the Company’s past success is a proprietary process that lengthens the wear life to 3x-5x their competitors’. The Company has upgraded production equipment and is ready for new ownership to lead a quality staff in continuing a strong tradition of excellence. Established 60+ years ago, the Company maintains a wealth of deeply ingrained experience in its specialized industry and is acclaimed by its international customer base as a quality-focused manufacturer. The Company routinely outshines competitors with the superior quality and durability of its products. The nature of the Company’s products creates repeat customers. The Company’s operations are aided by an experienced team capable of working independently. 
Recognized Excellence – The Company is widely known for its quality products and accurate lead times. It manufacturers its products to all publicly available standards, with an expertise in energy & proprietary applications. The Company is one of only two manufacturers in the United States licensed by an energy industry association to manufacture master products. Due to this their backlog remains consistently high.

Quality Facilities – The Company operates from a spacious manufacturing facility equipped with technologically advanced production machinery. The plant is located on a large site with room for expansion.


Extensive Market Possibilities – The Company’s expertise is used in a wide range of manufacturing applications, including (but not limited to) automotive, marine power, nuclear, rocketry, defense, construction equipment, machine tools, automation, advanced manufacturing, power tools, directional drilling equipment, pumps, consumer products, fasteners, aerospace, medical, energy and agricultural industries, offering multiple avenues for new market penetration.

Margin Improvement– The Company has experienced a significant increase in labor cost since 2020 along with increases in supply and utility costs. Overall, the costs have increased by over 10% of sales which has caused an over $400,000 reduction in EBITDA. Price increases to offset these increased costs were implemented midway through 2022 with projected increases in 2023 from 10-30%. Further compounding the issue was hiring new people due to the ramp up in sales after COVID which significantly lowered productivity due to the training time required for these skilled manufacturing positions. The price increases and the normalization of skilled labor will help the Company return to profitability.

  2018  2019  2020  2021  2022 
Revenue  $4,900,000  $2,800,000  $3,700,000  $3,600,000  $4,400,000 
EBITDA  $260,000  $450,000  $5,000  $10,000  -$70,000 



NuVescor Group

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This 27-year-old Midwest Company manufactures high-quality, plastic injection-molded components and plastic injection molds for original equipment manufacturers and suppliers in a broad variety of industries. Its ability to provide product development and production under one roof has won the Company a loyal, diverse base of customers in its manufacturing-rich home state. A change in management a decade ago has brought new investment in equipment and ISO/IATF quality certifications. With an experienced staff, modern equipment, and broad plastics capabilities, the Company presents opportunities for continued growth. The
owners are willing to assist buyers through a reasonable transition period but wish to sell the business to focus on their other business. 


Room for Growth – The Company’s facility is operating at about 50% of capacity.

Sales Focus– A recent review of the customer base revealed sales that were not profitable. Those customers have been removed and there is capacity for much higher profitability customers, which is reflected in the 2023 Forecasted EBITDA.


Wide capabilities – The Company offers its customers product development and manufacturing under one roof.
Modern facility – The Company has updated its equipment by adding new electric molding machines, automation and tool room equipment.
Industry certification – With ISO & IATF certifications in place, customers can be confident that products will meet high quality standards.
Experienced, knowledgeable staff – The technical staff has expertise in design, development and production of international quality products. Its top six managers have an average tenure of more than 10 years with the Company.

2021 Revenue: $12,200,000

2021 EBITDA: $50,000

2022 Revenue: $11,200,000

2022 EBITDA: ($1,900,000)

Forecasted 2023 Revenue: $6,500,000

Forecasted 2023 EBITDA: $650,000 


NuVescor Group

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This Company has been selling a diverse selection of mostly U.S.-made industrial products to individuals, manufacturers, municipalities and other businesses in its Michigan community for more than a half-century. Its unmatched product knowledge, quality service, extensive inventory and same-day delivery have made it the “go-to” local supplier for industrial tools and materials. Its customers in the prosperous, industry-rich region it serves include food processors, machine shops, tool and die makers, machine builders, manufacturers, contractors, schools, farms and do-it-yourselfers. It has earned tremendous loyalty among its 300 active customers, nearly all of whom are within 20 miles of its location. Despite its success, the Company has unrealized growth potential which presents an outstanding opportunity for the right buyer with a sales background and industrial products knowledge.


Increased sales, marketing – The Company could grow by hiring additional inside and outside sales personnel
to maintain contact with current customers and attract new ones.

Weak online presence – A website update is overdue. Customers currently cannot view the Company’s
products online, much less place an order.


Unique service – The Company is the only supplier of its type in the manufacturing-rich community where it’s based.

Product knowledge – After decades in business, Company personnel understand industrial supplies and customers’ needs.

Customer loyalty – Nine of its top 10 customers have been buying through the Company for at least 10 years.

Buy American – Most of the Company’s products are U.S.-made – a distinct advantage in its conservative community where many buyers prefer domestic goods.

Get it now – Local customers receive free delivery, with multiple trips scheduled each day.

2021 Revenue: $ 1,200,000
2021 EBITDA: $ 30,000
2021 SDE: $90,000


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This Michiganbased company is a nonautomotive, multidiscipline controls integration, automation, and electrical firm. It serves a range of industries with systems design, engineering,software,fabrication, installation and support for material handling, process control and manufacturing data systemsandelectrical contracting. The Company serves the food, dairy, and beverage industries, and is also a ULcertified panel builder. In addition to the diverse customer industries and range of services, the Company is well diversified geographically, serving a mix of local, regional and national clients. Company success is built on the depth and breadth of its services as providedby a talented, experienced staff.


Dedicated Sales Team – Investing in a dedicated sales team and marketing support could provide the opportunity to tap into growingmarkets, particularly providing the ability to proactively reach out to new customers.

Expanded Product Line – The Company has the opportunity to leverage increased sales to a current list of more than 600 past and present clients by offering new and complementary products and services.


Remarkable Track Record  – The Company has a long history of innovative and quality operations provided by an expert, experienced staff. The Company offers a package of proprietary control systems it has developed.

Diverse Product Line – Offering a variety of services and products, the Company can meetneeds ofvarious manufacturers, providing diversification that helps avoid risks of market concentration.

Portability of Operations – The current facility is not included in the sales offer, providing the opportunity to lease the current facility or relocate to a buyer’s existing or preferred new locations. 

2021 Revenue: $ 6,500,000
2021 EBITDA: $ 1,400,000


Contact: NuVescor Group
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This West Coast Company provides an array of industrial monitoring and control systems, related engineering services, and custom electrical assemblies to diverse local and global customers. The Company serves end-users and OEMs from fledgling tech start-ups to multibillion-dollar manufacturers and public utilities, helping each improve productivity, quality, and profitability. The Company’s well-trained and tenured staff, varied service offerings, and quality reputation built over decades in business have attracted an impressive list of loyal repeat clients and underpin a steady stream of new ones. The Company has remained technologically agile in the booming industrial automation industry, allowing it to invent immediately needed and wanted new products, serve its customers with current engineering best practices and technologies, and exploit opportunities that less savvy competitors miss.


Booming industry – Automation services in the U.S are expected to grow 7.2% annually over the next five

Cross-selling – Providing a wide variety of monitoring and control services generates consistent opportunities
to make multiple product and services offers to each customer.

Expansion potential – There is a significant opportunity to create a nationwide network of automation
offices, expanding the Company’s service territory and reach.


Wealth of experience – The Company has thousands of installed monitoring and control systems worldwide.

Multiple capabilities – Many competitors are specialists only in a particular market and so sometimes fail to see and exploit opportunities in other existing or new markets.

High quality – Clients find the Company’s products and services superior, overcoming potential price differences.

Client retention – Its number one customer has been with the Company for more than thirty years with many others having been on board for more than 20 years.













Contact: NuVescor Group
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Michigan Laminated Wood Products Manufacturer

This long-established Michigan company specializes in CNC machining of composite wood, plastics and nonferrous metals to produce high-quality decorative seamless 3D laminate products for a wide variety of applications including hospitality, furniture, store fixtures, medical, auto and architectural components. Its skilled and experienced staff turns creative, cutting-edge designs into exceptionally beautiful and functional products. The Company has the expertise and equipment to produce components in a wide variety of designs in virtually any size. It provides its customers total fulfillment, including machining, laminating, assembling, packaging and shipping. Quality control is well-established, with prior ISO certification and complete part traceability of orders.


Kick-starting sales — The Company currently is operating well under capacity as its marketing relies primarily on their reputation and current clients. Creating a sales operation to more actively pursue new business and leverage the Company’s sought-after capabilities could produce high rewards.  

New products in the pipeline The Company currently has new proposed projects under way with current and prospective customers. 


Uncommon expertise — This company has rare capabilities within its industry, and little competition for its more advanced services. Potential competitors are discouraged by the complexity of mastering the processes and techniques, some of which are proprietary to the Company. 

Experienced staff — Solid and long-tenured management team, most having a decade or decades with the Company.  

Established customer base – Customers include some of the bigger names in their industries. Most are repeat customers and have been with the Company five years or longer. Very seldom is there a one-time customer or order. 

Year                                  2017            2018              2019             2020             2021

Sales                           $2,950,000  $2,720,000  $2,130,000  $1,160,000  $2,230,000

Adjusted EBITDA       $360,000     $140,000     ($10,000)    ($30,000)    $210,000

An appraisal as of December 2019 gives fair market value of machinery and equipment of $772,400

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