Michigan Laminated Wood Products Manufacturer

This long-established Michigan company specializes in CNC machining of composite wood, plastics and nonferrous metals to produce high-quality decorative seamless 3D laminate products for a wide variety of applications including hospitality, furniture, store fixtures, medical, auto and architectural components. Its skilled and
experienced staff turns creative,
cutting-edge designs into exceptionally beautiful and functional products. The Company has the expertise and equipment to produce components in a wide variety of designs in virtually any size.
It provides its customers total fulfillment, including machining, laminating, assembling, packaging and shipping. Quality control is well-established, with prior ISO certification and complete part traceability of orders. 


Kick-starting sales – The Company currently is operating well under capacity as its marketing relies primarily on their reputation and current clients. Creating a sales operation to more actively pursue new business and leverage the Company’s sought-after capabilities could produce high rewards.

New products in the pipeline – The Company currently has new proposed projects under way with current and prospective customers


Uncommon expertise – This company has rare capabilities within its industry, and little competition for its more advanced services. Potential competitors are discouraged by the complexity of mastering the processes and techniques, some of which are proprietary to the Company.

Experienced staff – Solid and long-tenured management team, most having a decade or decades with the Company.

Established customer base – Customers include some of the bigger names in their industries. Most are repeat customers and have been with the Company five years or longer. Very seldom is there a one-time customer or order.

Year                                  2018              2019            2020            2021             2022

Sales                           $2,720,000  $2,130,000  $1,160,000  $2,230,000  $2,200,200

Adjusted EBITDA       $140,000     ($10,000)    ($30,000)    $210,000     $220,000

An appraisal as of December 2019 gives fair market value of machinery and equipment of $772,400