West Michigan Die Cut Materials Firm Acquired by Illinois Company

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. – March 19, 2021 – NuVescor Group is pleased to announce the successful sale of a West Michigan die cut materials firm to an Illinois company which provides similar products.

The West Michigan firm provides engineered die cut materials tailored to meet its customers’ applications in many industries including automotive, appliance, medical and office furniture. In the automotive realm, the Company is a Tier 1 and Tier 2 supplier of steel rule die cut foams, fibers, paperboard and plastics used in applications such as sound-deadening and reinforcement materials for vehicle headliners, visors, doors, engine compartments and trunks.

The Illinois company is a manufacturer of custom gaskets, washers, seals, insulators, packings, shims, protective covers, and other precision parts from both synthetic materials and thin gauge metals. It works with a wide range of materials, including rubber, plastics, cork, insulating material, felt, foam, sponge, and non-asbestos compressed material.


About NuVescor Group

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