Midwest-Based Plastic Injection Molder

This Midwest-based custom injection-molding company manufactures plastic components for longtime, repeat customers in a diverse variety of industries, including the military. Its consistent investment in cutting edge manufacturing technology, exceptional focus on quality, ability to manufacture to tight tolerances and dedicated workforce have allowed it to attract a loyal customer base with virtually no sales effort beyond word of mouth. In addition to injection molding, it provides engineering assistance, insert molding and assembly. The Company has capacity for growth, which could be enabled by a greater focus on sales and marketing. Its long-term government contracts, IATF certification and record of customer retention – some for more than 15 years — make it an excellent investment opportunity.


Quality Achievements — Ability to manufacture to extra-tight tolerances, unwavering commitment to prevent manufacturing errors and detailed quality assurance process allow the Company to retain customers with highest quality standards.

Technology — Company has long invested in new technology, including robotics, which has enabled it to
maintain a lean operation with high efficiency and precision.


Increased Focus on Sales — Current sales/marketing strategy is limited to following up on referrals and providing current customer needs. A dedicated sales team, representing the Company in the field, is a clear opportunity for growth.

Capacity for Growth — Company has dedicated employees, room for growth and top-notch equipment but currently operates at less than full capacity.

Underutilized Specialties — Company could win new business by better promoting its CNC capabilities and other value-added opportunities

New Products — Several potential new products are currently under development to join the multiple products the Company already manufactures.

3-Year Average Revenue:         $3,500,000  

3-Year Average EBITDA:           $190,000