This Midwest Company manufactures cost-effective, eco-friendly water treatment systems to control hard-water scale and corrosion for residential, commercial and industrial customers. Its proven technology, developed over decades in business, has been used in over half a million successful installations across the U.S. and world. It can be adapted for use with any size system, and the Company provides the engineering know-how for custom projects. Through its longevity in the market, customer service and time-tested technology, the Company has generated strong customer loyalty. With high profit margins and a history of increasing sales, the Company offers a valuable opportunity for new owners with a focus on marketing and advertising.


Unused capacity – The Company’s facility could accommodate an estimated four times the current sales volume.  

Boost sales efforts – The current owner juggles multiple duties, including sales and marketing, only scratching the surface of potential sales. Focusing more resources on connecting with new customers could boost business.


Profitable business – The Company currently generates substantial profit margins. 

Top technology – Its unique water conditioners outperform all competitors in physical water treatment. 

Adaptability – The Company’s technology can be tailored to any size system in residential, commercial and industrial settings. 

Established distribution – Sales are nearly all through a broad dealer network, some with 30 years of experience selling the Company’s products. Its top 5 dealers/distributors have been on board for an average of 7 years. 

2021 Revenue: $ 2,450,000
2021 EBITDA: $ 1,400,000