This Michiganbased company is a nonautomotive, multidiscipline controls integration, automation, and electrical firm. It serves a range of industries with systems design, engineering,software,fabrication, installation and support for material handling, process control and manufacturing data systemsandelectrical contracting. The Company serves the food, dairy, and beverage industries, and is also a ULcertified panel builder. In addition to the diverse customer industries and range of services, the Company is well diversified geographically, serving a mix of local, regional and national clients. Company success is built on the depth and breadth of its services as providedby a talented, experienced staff.


Dedicated Sales Team – Investing in a dedicated sales team and marketing support could provide the opportunity to tap into growingmarkets, particularly providing the ability to proactively reach out to new customers.

Expanded Product Line – The Company has the opportunity to leverage increased sales to a current list of more than 600 past and present clients by offering new and complementary products and services.


Remarkable Track Record  – The Company has a long history of innovative and quality operations provided by an expert, experienced staff. The Company offers a package of proprietary control systems it has developed.

Diverse Product Line – Offering a variety of services and products, the Company can meetneeds ofvarious manufacturers, providing diversification that helps avoid risks of market concentration.

Portability of Operations – The current facility is not included in the sales offer, providing the opportunity to lease the current facility or relocate to a buyer’s existing or preferred new locations. 

2021 Revenue: $ 6,500,000
2021 EBITDA: $ 1,400,000


Contact: NuVescor Group
(616) 379-4047