Midwest Engineered Die Cut Materials Manufacturer

This distressed Midwest company provides engineered die cut materials tailored to meet its customers’ applications in multiple industries including automotive, appliance, medical and office furniture. Its expertise in both die cutting and steel rule die making services means it can provide customers with rapid prototyping, design resolution, accelerated production and reduced time-to-market. The Company can work with a variety of materials including foams, fibers, plastics, adhesives, paperboard and fabrics. It has partnered with top automotive Tier 1 and Tier 2 companies for 30 years. Current automotive applications include sound-deadening and reinforcement materials for vehicle headliners, visors, doors, engine compartments, and trunks.


Sales/marketing – Lack of formal marketing and unsuccessful outsourcing of sales have led to stagnant new business development. With an active sales team, growth could be very quick.

Untapped potential – Even before the COVID-19 outbreak, the Company was operating on one shift at about 40% capacity. Its current facility is capable of housing significant growth in production volume.

Skills and experience – The two dozen employees have an average tenure of 13 years with the Company, providing the experience needed to serve and retain new customers. Additionally, the existing management team is very capable.


Strong reputation – The Company’s attention to performance and customer service have paid off in repeat business and prestigious awards including GM Quality Excellence for multiple years running.

Demonstrated excellence – The Company carries certifications in IATF 16949, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

Collaboration – Many years of experience and a focus on ensuring that products and solutions meet customer standards have built their reputation as a collaborative partner.

2019 Revenue: $4,600,000

2019 EBITDA: $125,000

2020: YTD revenues have continued to trend downward with increasing capacity for additional business.